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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/19/21



Hi friends,

Noah here and we have to move fast tonight….

….I have so much to show you!

First up, from teachers to police officers to airline pilots to you name it…..they are dropping like flies!

Over 120 Washington State Patrol Employees Fired For Non-Compliance

So sad.

In a time when we have no jobs to spare, we are going to lose all these good people?

Makes me furious.

I had to take a break today and go back to remember this amazing moment.

If you need a pick-me-up, I’ve got it for you right here:

REMEMBER THIS? President Trump Gives All HONOR To Jesus Christ!

After all the Biden Regime EVIL, isn’t this absolutely refreshing?

And then I am personally proud to announce this next one:  we’ve teamed up with Mike Lindell to work together and help MyPillow!

Check it out:

BIG NEWS: We’ve Teamed Up With Mike Lindell and MyPillow To Fight For Truth!

I cannot be more proud than to be working with Mike!

Great American.

Next up….what the hell is this?

Rachel Levine Who Is Openly Transgender Is Sworn In As Four-Star Admiral

What are my eyes seeing?

That is truly troubling.

You think the enemy on the battle field is afraid of that abomination?

Oh my.

And then we have this, brought to you by Bill Gates-of-Hell:

Is a Globalist Utopia Being Built in America?

I wouldn’t go anywhere near that hell-hole!

And I am proud to bring you this one:

Two More House Democrats Retire, Are they Afraid of a 2022 Red Wave?

Seems to be a trend!

Then we go to this:

CEASE AND DESIST: Twitter Page Highlighting Pelosi’s Insider Trading Issued A Warning

I guess they were printing too much truth, huh?

Can’t have that!

Yesterday I did not have many kind words for Colin-cancer Powell.

Today President Trump didn’t either:

President Trump Calls Colin Powell A RINO In Brand New Statement

And then for those of you who want to get a jump on your Christmas shopping or just want to knock out a bunch early, I’ve got you covered:

FREE TODAY (Perfect Christmas Gift): If This Flag Offends You, I’ll Help You Pack!

Absolutely perfect!

And we end with a massive new scandal brewing around Joseph Biden:

Biden Caught Flying Minors into NYC in the Middle of the Night

And this:

BREAKING: Biden Regime Accused of “Child Trafficking”

Joe, this isn’t going away.

You just got caught.

We will continue to monitor the story.

That’s all for tonight.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,


p.s.  Need a great Christmas gift idea?

I got your covered!

I’ve ALWAYS got you covered!

In fact, I can knock out a big chunk of your Christmas shopping with this one.

Free today or while they last…..

Perfect right?

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