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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/20/21



Hi friends,

Noah here and I have some BIG news…..

We’ve waited and waited for President Trump to launch his own social media platform and today it finally happened.

All the details here:

President Trump Officially Launches His New Social Media Platform!

It couldn’t come at a better time as the Lizard Alien has been accused of using his platform to not only permit but actually aid in human smuggling.


Facebook ADMITS To Allowing/Aiding Human Smuggling!

And then we have this brilliant video that surfaced today:

WATCH: Joe Biden BUSTED — Caught In His Own Words!

Caught in his own words over and over and over!

This next one is extremely troubling:

White House Unveils Plan to “Quickly” Vaccinate Children Ages 5-11

So wrong!

And I’m sad to see this next story:

WATCH: NBA Legend Magic Johnson Says Unvaccinated Players Are Letting Their Teammates Down

Sorry Tragic, stick to what you know best and stay out of the vaxx debate.

It’s not a good look on you!

You may have beat AIDS through some unknown method that is actually quite confusing even to this day, but maybe you stay out of personal medical decisions of everyone else?

Just saying….

And this next story broke today but readers of WeLoveTrump knew this a month ago when Bo Polny told me the very same thing on my show:

The End Of The Petro-Dollar May Be Upon Us

This next one needs to be shared with EVERYONE….

At the very same time they are doing all they can to jab YOU and your family, they are exempting out Congress and giving illegals a choice if they want it or not!

You can’t make this stuff up:

ALERT: Vaxx Mandate Applies To YOU But Illegals and Congress Exempt!

And we end with our top story….

Watch for this next:

Robin Bullock’s Current Events Update: Hillary Clinton Is Next

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight, see you tomorrow.

Your friend,


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