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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/24/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and before we get into the news tonight, I want to ask you to follow me on Twitter:

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Because in a few days, Elon will own Twitter and the censorship will go away.

And I’m excited to connect with you over there!

Ok, now the News…

And this is another one of those days where we have a flood of news to cover, so I’m going to give you a few bonus articles because I can’t justify cutting any of these…

First up, we start with a wonderful prophetic update from Tim Sheets:

Tim Sheets: It Has Now Begun…Transformation Cacoon!

And then a guy we haven’t heard from recently…Dana Coverstone.

Brand new dream:

Dana Coverstone: The Halloween Dream

Then we go to the Wicked Witch of the West, Hillary Clinton.

She is looking absolutely panicked and I love it!

Here’s why:

Hillary Panicked As SCOTUS About To Give States The Power To Overturn The Election!

Really sad news to report next:

Megyn Kelly Announces Sister Died Suddenly

I am not the biggest Megyn Kelly fan, but I hate to see this.

I sure hope it wasn’t caused by the Poison Vaxx.

Who knows, if it was, maybe Meg will suddenly become red pilled and become an ally for truth?

Megyn, it’s not too late….speak truth!

Speaking of news anchors and truth, this is my favorite story of the day:

MSDNC Host Gets Her ASS Handed To Her By Real Americans!

Bravo to each and every American on this panel!

As we move into November, I want to give you an important message:

Do NOT take the Flu Shot!

Do this instead:

BACK IN STOCK: Dr. Zelenko’s Long-Awaited Z-Flu Shipping Soon

Now let’s talk FF’s and 9/11…

Truth will not be silenced:

Proof of 9/11 Demolition?

Then we have this:

British Man First to be Microchipped with Bank Card

Seems like a REALLY bad idea, but good luck sir!

Next up is a wild one…

Ready for CA to be split in half?

Well, not really half, more like 90/10:

Introducing “New California”…The 51st State?

The craziest story of the day is next…

I have a theory that God got tired of the “One Eye” BS and did this:

Katy Perry: Clone Malfunction? Wonk Eye? Vaxx Injury?

Your thoughts?

And we end with our top story:

Trump: DeSantis’ Latest Move Is “A BIG MISTAKE”

Told ya it was a huge day!

Let me know what was your favorite!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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