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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/24/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

We start tonight with a Fact-Check about Putin….

Don’t believe anything the MSM tells you, especially when it fits their narrative:

FACT-CHECK: Did Vladimir Putin Suffer Cardiac Arrest?

And should we just go ahead and get ahead of this one?

This man DID NOT kill himself!

Video: Hillary Clinton Gets Into YELLING MATCH With Man During Speech

Gotta love this next one….

Earlier this morning news was out that Tom Emmer was going to be Speaker.

By tonight he’s already dropped out!

Trump torched him:

BREAKING: Tom Emmer Drops Out Of Speaker Race After President Trump Calls Him A RINO

See ya later RINO, don’t come back!

And we now officially have President Trump calling out Joe Biden’s fake face:

Trump Calls Out Biden’s Mask: “I’d Hit Him Right In His Fake Nose”

We told you first:

Actor Playing Joe Biden Revealed?

Next up, I really love what these guys are doing….

I personally got this Emergency Pack and I’m on Day 4 of the Ivermectin.

Already making a huge recovery!

Cannot give this a higher recommendation than 100%:

Stockpiling Critical Medications Has Never Been More Important

Next up, another plea deal in GA?

BREAKING: Jenna Ellis Latest Trump Lawyer To Take Plea Deal

Hey Jenna, what are you doing with the $250,000?

Cried like a baby:

Did Jenna Ellis Just SELL OUT Trump?

But I have a serious question….

I’m not defending her, but can anyone tell me what she even did wrong?

I wrote this earlier today on X:

Is anyone awake and thinking clearly?

Or just slurping up the MSM narrative?

She’s an attorney, she should KNOW this!

I think this will give you a lot of hope — it did for me:

Is The Military Still In FULL Control?

And this:

Q: The Plan To Save The World [FULL Archive!]

And we end with something I’ve been warning you about for a while….

Told ya!

It’s Coming! Are You Ready?

The best part is I have a recommendation in that article that can get you into GOLD for no money out of pocket!

You need to call them.


Gold Price Surges As Chinese Analysts Suggest Denominating Trade in Gold In Conflict With U.S.

That’s a wrap for tonight!

See ya back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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