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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/28/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and we have another WILD day!

I’ll move fast so we can cover everything…

We start with this gem:

Biden Claims There Are 54 States…

Now ask yourself this: if Trump did this, would they submit him to a medical evaluation and have him removed from office before he even got off stage?

Of course you know the answer to that.

From one stunner to the next, can you believe this?

John Fetterman’s Wife Says Swimming Is Racist

No, she wasn’t joking.

Because only white people know how to swim?  I’m sorry, I don’t even understand what point she is trying to make.

Next we go to Charlie Kirk who is making a HUGE difference on the front lines…

And he’s starting to get noticed:

Now They’re Going After Charlie Kirk TPUSA…

Another person making a huge difference is this beautiful gem of a lady:

Another Reporter OWNED By Kari Lake!

The ONLY heir-apparent out there to Trump.

Our country is in good hands for the next 12 years my friends…

The biggest news of the day came from the Pelosi household:

Paul Pelosi Violently Beaten, Rushed To The Hospital

Late today we learned more information about the attacker:

Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Identified

I’m just going to say this…

I’m starting to get a HUGE “BS” and “FF” feel about this whole story…

You know what those initials mean, right?





Friendly reminder, FF doesn’t mean the event didn’t happen, it just means the official story they are about to feed you is bogus.

I’m going to do a big write up about it tomorrow explaining everything I am seeing, but here’s your sneak peak…

You mean to tell me some random guy in his underwear got past all the security in the Pelosi household (and you know it’s heavily guarded), then got in there and started fighting with Paul Pelosi with a hammer, and the police then show up for a “wellness check” (wait, what?) and stop the assault right in the nick of time?

Folks, if you believe THAT story, then I have an igloo to sell you in Mexico City.

It’s a beautiful igloo too, you’ll love it.

Never mind it will melt in T-minus 3 seconds…

We’ll cover the full report tomorrow, but I’m calling FAKE right now.

But speaking of violence (and FF violence) I thought it would be a very good time to remind you of this:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We Do Not Support Calls For Violence, But Beware…

Also a good time to tell you if you need a new mattress (and they ain’t cheap!) I can save you 50% right now:

Need A New Mattress? An Amazing Deal On MyPillow Foam And Coil Quilted Mattresses — 50% Off!

I do apologize if that sale is already taken down by the time you read this.

It won’t last long.

Then we have this:

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Colluding to Find New Pandemic-Causing Pathogens?

Two great guys teaming up, huh?

What could go wrong?

Other than the end of humanity…

And we end with our top story:  Elon’s takeover of Tesla.

It’s going better and faster than I ever expected, check this out:

Twitter Engineers Are LOCKED OUT, Tesla Engineers Are Now In Charge

And this:

Here’s A List Of Twitter Execs That Are Now GONE

But one thing isn’t sitting super well with me…

And it’s this:

Elon Musk Says Twitter Will Form ‘Content Moderation Council’

Yeah, I don’t remember a “Moderation Council” being written into the First Amendment.

Elon, you’ve been doing so well.

You’ve been literally on track to save our country, don’t screw it up now…

No “council” is needed, you just allow free speech the way the First Amendment has worked for 250 years.

And I happen to think the First Amendment has done rather well for itself.

We’re going to be posted a lot more over on Twitter because I think it’s going to be great again.

Please find and follow us at Daily Noah:

That’s a wrap!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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