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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/6/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Wow, another week blew right by….where did that time go?

A crazy week indeed.

Today we start with this:

Another GOP Candidate Drops Out Of The Race

So soon?

We hardly knew you!

Then we go to President Trump endorsing Jim Jordan for Speaker:

Donald Trump Endorses Jim Jordan For Speaker of the House

Sorry but that’s a NO for me…

Here’s why:

NO To Jim Jordan For Speaker

And then we go to Matt Gaetz, who I think is right here once again:

JUST IN: Rep. Matt Gaetz Reveals How He Truly Feels About The Biden Impeachment

Remember back in April/May when we suddenly had about 5-6 banks collapse out of nowhere?

I think it’s about to happen again, only bigger this time:

Another Bank On The Verge Of Collapse?

I think that was the test run.

The next one will be much worse, and those typically come in the fall:

Bank Crash 2.0 Incoming? “I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks”

I love this next one….

Your terms are acceptable!

Democrats Are Threatening TOTAL Shutdown If Ukraine Doesn’t Receive Billions

Next we go to a literal (evil) Witch.

Our reporting from a couple weeks ago now confirmed:

Marina Abromovic Confirms She Is “Ambassador For Children” In Ukraine, Jokes About Putin Killing Generals

And did you ever wonder how certain people become so famous so fast?

This is how:

WARNING: Extremely Graphic — Lady Gaga, Marina Abramovic’s “Top Student”

And one more:

Adrenachrome “Black Eye Club” Finally Exposed In Detail…

We end tonight with a follow-up on something I’ve been telling you about recently.

I call it my secret weapon.

I love it so much I called up the company and got a special connection just for you.

Yes, really.

All the details here:

Does NMN Actually Work? A 3-Year Test!

That’s how I’m going to stay in this chair for the next 50 years (God willing)!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

I am feeling much better today, but still going to turn in early to recharge those batteries right back up to 100%.

I’ll see ya back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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