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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/8/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with you Sunday night Newsletter.

Super late tonight, but wild stuff to show you!

Starting with this:

INGERSOLL LOCKWOOD: The Strangest One Yet By Far!

I usually have a good idea about what is going on, but I have to say I am completely dumbfounded by this.

All of it!

How do you explain any of this?

The old books were weird enough but now this?

Love to get your thoughts!

Next up, I continue to warn you about Jim Jordan….

I used to be a huge fan.

Unfortunately, I have been getting many nouveau-RINO vibes from him recently.

Here’s the latest:

New Speaker, Same as the Old Speaker? ‘We Need to Immediately Replenish Israel’s Iron Dome’

I do have a pretty clear read on what’s going on with Israel.

I am one of the strongest supporters of Israel out there, but what’s happening right now is VERY devious!

They want to draw you into a new war and quite frankly they don’t give a damn about Israel.

Read this:

The Propaganda Is THICK Right Now…

More confirmation here:

(WATCH) ‘I Served in the IDF 25 Years Ago in the Intelligence Forces, There’s No Way Israel Did Not Know What’s Coming’

This never would have happened under Trump.


In fact, he tried to warn everyone:

TRUMP CALLED IT: Predicted All Of This One Month Ago…

In more lighthearted news, you gotta love this:

Donald Trump Plays Tennis With Serena Williams, Barefoot and Wearing a Suit

Better times….

Easier times…

Better days.

I have a feeling the stock market is about to take a massive plunge.

Markets do not like uncertainty.

Which is why I’ve put most of my money into Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency:

Financial Stewardship and Biblical Stewardship Go Hand-in-Hand With This Christian Gold Company

And we end with yet another installment of: “Hidden in plain sight?”

You decide:

President Trump Still Using The Presidential Seal?

That’s all for tonight.

Your friend,



I always like to say…”who loves ya baby?”


Because I not only bring you the news each night but I also bring you goodies when I find them.

I know this won’t be for everyone, but I think a lot of you are going to love this.

I didn’t create this, one of my partners did, but they did all the hard work and now you can reap the rewards.  

Because who doesn’t like rewards?  



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