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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/14/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

We start tonight with this gem:

Democratic Lawmaker Found Allegedly Passed Out Drunk Sues After Getting Fired

Stay classy now!

Next is great news for President Trump:

BREAKING: Michigan Judge Hands President Trump HUGE Win!

And seems like this is happening a LOT recently:

Yet Another Commercial Airline FORCED To Make EMERGENCY Landing

Gee, I wonder why that keeps happening?

Also….where do they store all the jet fuel?

I know, I know….in the wings, right?


Beautiful statement from President Trump about his sister:

President Trump Issues Statement Of Mourning

And I recommend you keep one of these on hand as we head into winter:

As More Americans Refuse Big Pharma’s COVID “Vaccine,” Many Turn To The New “COVID Emergency Kit” (Includes Ivermectin)

Next up is something I have never seen before, except in the U.K.

WATCH: Fight Nearly Breaks Out In Senate – Sen. Mullin Threatens To Fight Union Boss

I say bring back Duels!

Speaking of people who need to duel, Congressman accuses Kevin McCarthy of knife punching him in the kidneys today!

McCarthy Accused Of Physically Assaulting GOP Congressman That Voted To Oust Him


We just got the audio here:

Audio Of Alleged McCarthy ‘Assault’ RELEASED—Listen To It Here

No video (yet)…..

Then we have this:

Police Arrest Suspect Who Slit The Throat Of NHL Player Adam Johnson

I’ve watched that clip dozens of times and I don’t know what to make of it.

Seems unlikely he was really trying to kill him, that would be insane.

Seems like the play got away from him.

But I’m not an expert.

What do you think?

Next up, this is terrible:

‘Perfectly Healthy’ 15-Month-Old Dies Two Days After Receiving Vaccination

So evil what they have cast upon us!

Now let’s talk Gold for a minute….

Because I keep warning you.

Here’s the latest:

HEADS UP: Gold Is Now Classified As A Tier 1 “RISK FREE” Asset!

Why do I keep sounding the alarm about Gold?

Because of this:

Jamie Dimon Sells Shares: “Now may be the most dangerous time in decades!”

If you’d like to get some PHYSICAL gold, here is a great option:

Got Gold? NEED Gold? Meet Ira, He Can Help!

Hate seeing this:

Former Lawyers Flip On President Trump In Leaked Videos

And because I can’t leave you there on a down note, I leave you with this comedy gold:

PURE COMEDY: Trump Indicted Again — “Wow, I had no idea…”

See ya back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



Is this your life?

Look familiar?

Time to change!

The owner of THIS company just set a world record for rowing while in his 70s because of his awesome vitamins!!

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Life….and life to the full!

I love our Movement because we are definitely in this thing together!

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Suns out, guns out!


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