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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/15/21



Hi friends!

Noah here, how’s your Monday going?

Really busy news day, so let’s get right to it.

First, for anyone who missed it yesterday you need to see this:

Mike Lindell: Yes, Election Fraud Lawsuit IS Headed To Supreme Court — Update

And speaking of Mike, I’ve got you 100% covered on Christmas shopping:

Support Mike Lindell and Get Your Christmas Shopping Done All At One Time!

And then we have my absolute favorite story of the day, heck maybe of the month:

Arizona Marine Who Stopped Robbery With Bare Hands Goes LEGEND In Live TV Interview!

This guy is an instant legend times two!

As if his original video wasn’t good enough already, then he goes and does that!


And we have a lot of news coming out recently starting to acknowledge the POWER of natural immunity:

Did the CDC Just Quietly Acknowledge Natural Immunity to COVID-19?

Imagine that!

Exactly what we have been telling you!

Not only that but even Fauci today said the risk is to the vaxxed:

WATCH: Fauci Issues Dire Warning for Vaccinated People

Absolutely massive protests are happening in Melbourne, Australia and the MSM refuses to cover it.

Good thing you have us:

Massive Melbourne Protests Continue

Big news today for Steve Bannon:

BREAKING: Bannon Surrenders To The F.B.I.

How absurd….for a misdemeanor and someone who is claiming executive privilege!

Very wrong.

Speaking of wrong, the Biden Regime is getting it’s ASS SPANKED in Court:

BIG WIN: US Court of Appeals Re-Affirms HALT To Biden Vaccine Mandate For Private Employers


Great sign for things to come.

And we end with two big scientific findings.

First is this:

WATCH: Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, PHD Discusses Horrific Study Findings of Spike Protein Inside Nucleus Enhancing DNA Damage

And second is the TRUTH about Ivermectin.

As always, we do actual, real research here and these are the results:

From the WHO’s Own Website: Even When Taken In Animal Doses, Ivermectin “NOT Hazardous To Humans!”

Thanks so much for being here with us.

It is a real honor to bring this Newsletter to you each night, to each and every one of you 300,000 readers!

Your friend,




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