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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/20/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your weekend wrap up…the Sunday night Newsletter!

Another massive day.

Very excited to show you what we’ve got…let’s start here:

It’s Sunday and so we turn to the Bible:

The Bible Provides The Remedy We Need Right Now?

Isn’t that perfect?

Do you agree?

Imagine that…God had it figured out all along, maybe we should listen?

Speaking of lies and liars, can you even imagine they’re now trying to tell you they had no problem with Ivermectin?

FDA Panics and Backtracks, Says It Never Prohibited Ivermectin!

Looks like they are panicking and they know the jig is up soon.

We’ve told you the truth from the very beginning.

These people are SICK!

Next is something really fun….I got to chat with Lois Vogel-Sharp today on my show and we had a blast!

We have between 4-6 million people in our community here, and I always say we are made up of the absolute BEST Americans out there!

Salt of the Earth, great people!

And Lois really embodies that.

I think you’re going to love this:

Lois Vogel-Sharp Joins The Daily Truth Report!

Next up, I had three people ask me about this over the weekend, so I thought I’d better address it here:

Why Trump’s Announcement To Run Was Early

And I know this might upset some people who work at NASA, but I don’t really care.

I investigate the truth and print the truth wherever I find it.

And here it is:

Why Did NASA Just Post A Flat Earth Map?

Truth is coming out?

Another massive “Conspiracy Theory” about to be confirmed?

This would probably be the biggest one of them all.

Can you even imagine?

Just remember who told you first!

And then we move to a real gem…

Hussein’s own brother said this today:

Barack Obama’s Brother Calls Him A “Traitor”

Next up is something very dark so it comes with a big warning…

Do NOT click on this if you are easily offended or disgusted:

Paris Hilton and Kanye Connected? “The Held Me Down, Spread My Legs…” [WARNING: Graphic]

In honor of President Trump being reinstated on Twitter, I had a lot of fun assembling this list:

TOP TEN: The Best Trump Tweets Of All Time!

These are so good….I am beyond excited to have this man back on Twitter!

President Trump: we all love Truth Social and we’ll continue to use it, but we need you on Twitter too.

Welcome back.

And we end with our top story…

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s looking like Bo Polny did in fact nail it — to the day!

Details here:

Bo Polny Nailed It? Major Case Against Entire Biden Regime Hits Supreme Court On October 24!

Before you go, I’d love to get your input on this please:


Your friend,



Your friend,



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