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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/25/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’ll tell you what…

I love Thanksgiving and I love taking time off to be with family (and I’m doing it again tomorrow!) but I really love being here in the saddle and getting to do what I do best: cover the news, spread truth and provide some leadership for this country!

So it was really good to get back to it full speed today.

And as a result, I have a lot to show you!

We’ll start right here with some blasphemy and sacrilege:

Introducing The United Nations 10 Commandments of Climate Change

Now let’s talk poison jab…

Good people are FINALLY waking up and finally unable to stay silent any longer.

It sure did take a while, but good doctors finally can’t sit by silent any longer.

At least this one can’t:

Top Cardiologist Calls for End to mRNA COVID-19 Shots After Seeing 60-70 Patients Suffer Heart Conditions

Thank you for speaking out!

And how concerning is this?

Would you fly in a plane with only ONE pilot and risk him/her having a vaxxident?

Not me!

I’m out!

And staying on topic, I told you a year ago that the blood of the “purebloods” was going to become more valuable than gold.

It’s already started:

Unvaccinated Blood Now In High Demand…

Great story next about President Trump and the one thing he values among all else.

I’m right there with him, agree 100%.

How about you?

President Trump Reveals The Number One Thing He Values

Next we go to NASA and it looks like they just got busted.


Using fake images that your high schooler could probably detect using Photoshop.

How embarrassing!

NASA Caught (Again) Using Fake Photoshopped Images From Artemis Mission

And we end with our top story…

I love this.

Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel out….Mike Lindell in?

Yes please!

Details here:

Mike Lindell Planning To Run For RNC Chair, Defeat Ronna McDaniel!

Ok, that’s a wrap.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Your friend,



With a massive Red Wave, it’s soon time to focus on the main enchilada…Daddy T45 himself!

Will you join us in our new mission?

How about if it was FREE?


Details here…👇

JOIN THE MISSION: Help Us Get One Of These On Every Street In America!


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