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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/26/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I hope your Sunday was great!

Mine was, and such a fantastic long Thanksgiving weekend!

But it’s back to real life tomorrow and I have a feeling it’s going to be a HOT week of news!

Because it already was a hot weekend when they thought you weren’t watching.

Here’s what we’ve got today….

This first one absolutely stunned me:

DID YOU KNOW: President Trump Won The “In-Person” Vote In EVERY State In 2020!

Crazy right?

And then we have this:

Disgraced, Former Democrat Governor Facing NEW Lawsuit

LOVE this….can’t wait!

Let them flood in!

The Floodgates Are Now Open, Americans Can Now Sue Covid Vaccine Manufacturers

And I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to Fact Check this today and set the record straight:

FACT-CHECK: President Trump Greeted With BOOS or CHEERS?

Next we have a couple sick ones…

Starting here:

Massive Porno Bust At Bill Gates’ House

Not just porno but under-age porno!

And what in the world is this?

BANNED VIDEO Shows How Schools Are Instructing Children Age 4-9 To Masturbate


Is that necessary?

Your thoughts on this?

Could school time be spend better in other ways perhaps?

And this is scary:

MILLIONS Of Americans Being Surveilled Through Secret Cellphone Program, Are You Compromised?

Next up, there are two topics that never fail to elicit angry, irrational, emotional and almost spiritual-level responses….

The first is any criticism of Freemasons.

The second is even asking the question about Flat Earth.

Hmmm, makes you wonder why both are so emotionally charged, doesn’t it?

Well, today we do the latter topic:

Let’s Dig In To….Flat Earth?

Incredible story next:

Miracle “Last-Resort” Antibiotic Saves Family Dog From Fatal Mystery Disease

And it’s last call on this one….

Hope you can get it in time!

“Cable” For Only $15.95/month? Yes, But Today Is The Last Day To Get It

Then we have this warning:

The EXACT Plan To Kill The U.S. Dollar Now REVEALED

Don’t say I didn’t tell you in advance!

And I don’t even know what to make of this:

WATCH: The True Fate Of Flight MH370? DoD Contractor Presents Disturbing Footage

Funny to see this one:

Air Force Backtracks After Warning Members To Not Attend Pro-Trump Rally

And we end with our top story:

Incoming Return To Gold Standard To Shock The World (and Wipe Out Many Americans)? READ THIS!

See you tomorrow!

Your friend,



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