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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/28/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

How is everyone?  Hope you’re doing great!

We start tonight with something we sure seem to be seeing a lot of…..things suddenly being named “Q”.

Here’s the latest today:

Amazon Unveils New Chatbot Called “Q”

And another thing we seem to be seeing a lot of next….airplane disruptions.

But this is the worst one yet.

This gross lady literally dropped trow right in the aisle and squatted down to pee!


ANOTHER Airplane Incident: Woman Drops Trow, Threatens To Pee In The Aisle!

Which reminds me of this perfect meme:

Man, never has that been more true than in 2023!

The world has gone mad!

Did you ever think in your life you’d see video of some nasty woman dropping trow to let it rip right in the aisle?


I’m sorry, but I’m just wildly bothered by this story!

Ok, gotta move on….

Let’s go here next:

President Trump Handed Yet Another MAJOR Legal Victory!

Great news!

He is winning ALL of these and easily!

Nice to see the pendulum swinging in his favor for once!

And then we have this….

Yesterday, I gave you extreme warnings about the US Dollar and US Economy.

I hope you took them to heart.

Today, almost as if on cue, we get breaking news about Gold having a “historic” breakout.

Who’s been warning you?

Who loves ya baby?


GOING UP? Gold Set For “Historic” Breakout!

Next up, this is quite terrifying:

Demon Possessed or Insane? Video Shows Alleged Human Smuggler Going Crazy

And from one demon-possessed person to another, we go to Jimmy Savile next:

The Ultimate Jimmy Savile Thread

Did it seem like Black Friday deals weren’t very good this year to anyone else?

Ok, I have to admit I don’t really “do” Black Friday, but I heard people complaining.

Perhaps this is why:

WATCH: Target CALLED OUT For Black Friday “Scam”; Issues Response

And if the airplane peeing lady story isn’t the worst thing you’ve heard all day, then this is:

Woman Arrested For Trashing House, Stealing Passport and Blinding Man She Met On “Sugar Daddy” Website

Bill Gates is back at it with a new company:

Bill Gates Calls On World Governments To use His New GMO Crops and Livestock!

Next is something personal….

Not for me but for a good friend of this site.

Can you literally please read this one and then stop what you are doing and pray for Pastor Robb?


Thank you for your prayers!

I think 5+ million people all praying can be powerful!

And we end with our top story:

LUXE LIFE: Zelensky Just Made A $75 Million Purchase!

Ahhhh, now I know where all our money went!

Absolutely treasonous!

Meanwhile, we work like dogs and get taxed through the nose on everything we do.

But hey, at least Zelenskyy got a great new boat!

I gotta roll out, see you back here tomorrow!

Oh wait, one more thing before I go….

This is so exciting, I am really pumped about this…

I have 500 of these that I’m going to be giving away for FREE:

Yes, really!

100% free, just cover the S&H.

And with 5+ million readers of the website, I think they’re going to go very fast and I’m not sure when we’ll get our second batch after the first 500 so what I’m doing is giving Newsletter readers first dibs.

No purchase necessary….

No commitment necessary….

But if you want to get your name on the list for the first 500, just go here and add it:  RESERVE YOUR HAT HERE

Only rule is first-come, first-served and no complaining if you don’t get in.

Fair enough?

Ok cool.

For the first 500, I’ll shoot you the access link as soon as they’re ready, probably within the next week or so.

Ok, now I’m out.

See you tomorrow!

Your friend,



Is this your life?

Look familiar?

Time to change!

The owner of THIS company just set a world record for rowing while in his 70s because of his awesome vitamins!!

That’s why I’m on this Mission and pushing this Movement forward!




Life….and life to the full!

I love our Movement because we are definitely in this thing together!

Let’s “BUDLIGHT” every Deep State company we possibly can! if you want in!

Watch here:

Sun’s out, gun’s out!


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