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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/8/21



Hi friends,

Noah here and happy Monday to you!

Today is one of those days where I couldn’t decide what to cut, so we’ll have to go fast….

First up is good news from Newsmax:

Newsmax Claims It Is NOT Pushing a Vaccine Mandate!

Then we have two updates on professional athletes:

NBA Mandates COVID-19 Boosters For Vaccinated Players


WATCH: Video Shows Number of Athletes Around the World Dropping With Sudden Heart Problems

I think they will all be taking the red pill very soon!

This next one is really something you have to see:

Did 1981 Movie “Early Warning” Predict the Future?

And can we all support this woman please?

Listen to the whole stadium chant!

Entire Stadium Chants “Let’s Go Brandon!” After Woman Kicked-Out for Wearing LGB Sweatshirt

I can’t believe this next one is actually real news, but it is….

Not only that, it involves the Royal Family:

Camilla Parker Bowles Says Joe Biden Ripped “Long and Loud” Fart

I repeat, not fake and not satire.

Real news.

Then we have this which is also hard to believe:

PELOSI: Stroke or Another Glitch? You Decide…

And as I type this Bitcoin is making new all-time highs….

About a week ago, I interviewed Bo Polny and it turns out he was 100% right again:

Bo Polny Right Again: Bitcoin About To EXPLODE…Then Altcoin Season!

If you want to know what is coming next and how to be on the right side of it, you should watch that interview!

This next story continues to get weirder:

What’s the Real Cause of Astroworld? Satanic Sacrifice? Mass Vaxxident? Concert Stampede?

And I loved this:

President Trump Finally Says What He Thinks Of “Let’s Go Brandon”

So good to see our President smiling!

And we end with three big ones….

Jen Psaki has gone missing for 10+ days:

Where’s Jen Psaki?

So has Gavin Newsom:

Where’s Gavin Newsom?

And late tonight an inside source went on record claiming Newsom has been injured by the COVID booster:

BREAKING: Inside Source Reports Governor Newsom Injured By Moderna Booster Jab

Your thoughts?

Write me back, I love to read your replies.

Your friend,



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