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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/8/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with a very special Election Night Edition of the Newsletter!

I’m posting this a bit early tonight to update you on everything we know so far, and then I’ll post a full update tomorrow morning.

Here’s the short update: it’s looking like a MASSIVE RED TSUNAMI everywhere!

A family member called me earlier today and asked what I thought would happen tonight…

I said one of three things:

One: The Democrats/DS cheat and steal it again and there is no justice.

Two: American patriots overwhelm the ballot boxes so much that the victory is so huge they can’t lie, cheat and steal enough to win and we truly see a massive red wave.

Three: It plays out similar to 2020, but the fraud is caught in realtime and the patriots swoop in afterwards.

I would have been ok with Two or Three but it’s looking like we’re getting #2!

Oh my…

I’m going to give you rapid fire on what we have so far.

It’s hasn’t been easy or clean.

All day long problems and “glitches” have been rearing their ugly heads:

FF Already In Progress? Chaos, Voting Glitches Reported All Across The Country…

It’s unlikely we will know about PA tonight and that scares me.

How many hundreds of ballots will need to be emergency dropped at 2am to give Fetterneck the win?

Philadelphia Will NOT Count Thousands of Paper Ballots Tonight

Kari Lake was not taking ANY of the BS.

She sued:

BREAKING: “We Just Sued Maricopa County!”

Man I love this woman!

Sorry Matt Gaetz (and congrats on your win) but you’re no longer the Firebrand.

Kari Lake is the firebrand!

What a badass!  (yeah I said it)

Mike Lindell is doing his part, tracking everything:

Mike Lindell: “We are tracking EVERY race by cyber!” (Early Results)

Ron DeSantis won, which is not surprising, but he won by such a big victory it’s almost unprecedented:

BREAKING: DeSantis Wins Florida In LANDSLIDE

It turns out people didn’t like being masked up for no reason, having their kids sent home from school for two years, not being able to leave their house….

Turns out people really liked how DeSantis handled things in Florida.

Imagine that!

Sunshine, fresh air and a little Vitamin D and Ivermectin turned out to be WAY better for you then lockdown.

Who would’ve thought huh?

And who would’ve thought America was PISSED at the DemonRats?

Turns out…everyone!

And we end with our top story, switching from Midterms over to President Trump himself:

BREAKING REPORT: President Trump Has Chosen His New Vice President

Speaking of Trump, it appears he may have orchestrated the biggest Midterms victory in recent history.

And once again, everyone who said Trump couldn’t win or was bad for the process is looking like they were massively wrong.

I send this Newsletter around 9 EST / 8 Central time and right now things look amazing.

Let’s all hope and pray they don’t deliver hundreds of thousands of “suddenly discovered” ballot boxes at 2 am….

But then again, if they do, maybe we catch them in treason.

Because I see two options at this point…

They know we’re watching everything this time.

Mike Lindell is watching cyber.

Thousands of patriotic Americans are watching polling places, mailboxes and election offices with their own two eyes and video cameras….

And that means either (1) Democrats will be too scared to cheat this time, or at least not big enough for what they need, or (2) they still try to cheat but this time we catch them dead to rights.

I’m ok with either option, how about you?

See you in the morning.

Sleep well.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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