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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/9/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

How is everyone?

I’m doing great here and it’s awesome to be with you!

Got a TON to show you tonight, one of those days where you get a couple bonus items!

Starting with something that is LONG overdue:

GOP Senator Subpoenas Jeffery Epstein’s Flight Logs

And this is just sad:

WATCH: Biden Struggles To Put On Shirt And Yells At Crowd

Then we have President Trump telling you just about as plainly as he can that he is holding all the cards….

Have you seen this?

TRUMP: “We watched it be stolen, at 3:02 in the morning, we watched it!”

Next up is something fascinating….

Have you heard of the “Warren Buffett Indicator”?

Check this out:

The Warren Buffett Indicator? Cash Hoard PERFECTLY PREDICTS Stock Market Crash?

And that is most definitely closely related to this:

“Gold Revaluation” Incoming? Price Could Be $10,000-60,000 Per Ounce!

Then we go to something I bet you never expected to see….

RollingStone writing about the next big band?


RollingStone writing about Jonathan Cahn:

RollingStone Attacks Jonathan Cahn

This next one came out of left field today and caught many off guard:

Critical Democrat Announces He Will NOT Seek Re-Election

In case you missed this next one, it’s great!

Always love seeing Roseanne:

MUST WATCH: Rosanne Barr Calls Out Deep State DuringTrump’s Rally

Big update on Matthew Perry’s death:

Mathew Perry’s Official Death Certificate Released

And speaking of strange stories, it doesn’t get any stranger than this:

Ingersoll Lockwood Update: A Deep Dive…

Wonderful message next from Charlie Shamp:

Charlie Shamp: “A Second Term For Donald Trump”

And we end with our top story…..

Exposing the extreme warfare happening in Florida:

EXPLAINED: Why Floridians Can’t Get Homeowner’s Insurance

That explains a lot!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Friday Night kickoff edition!

Your friend,



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