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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/11/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’m sorry this is so late tonight…

But I’ll make up for it now!

Great news coming your way, starting with this:

Tim Allen Bringing CHRIST Back to CHRISTMAS at Disney!

God bless Tim!

Not a perfect man, but someone trying to do the best he can do amidst the HollyWeird swamp!

Thank you!

Next is something truly horrific….

For any parents or grandparents out there, this may be hard to read.

It was for me.

But take a look:

Time To Abandon Ship?

Next is a Public Service Announcement…

I initially told you about this two weeks ago, but since I keep getting emails from people asking about it, I had to run it again.

Please do not get scammed!

Details here:

PSA: These Are NOT Real, Don’t Get Conned!

And since it’s Sunday, I bring you a wonderful Gospel message:

GOSPEL MESSAGE: Godly Sorrow Produces Positive Attributes In Us!

And a bonus:

Scientists Discover “Breathtaking” Flash of Light That Occurs At Conception!

And from Derek Johnson:

Derek Johnson: “Why Donald Trump Is STILL Your President”

Kari Lake is NOT backing down….

Nor should she!

We’ve got your back Kari, stand strong!

Kari Lake Files Historic Lawsuit to Throw Out Fraudulent Arizona Midterm Results

Here’s another guy not backing down….

He just took on Fauci and the LGTQP+ community all at once!

And you gotta love it!

Fearless and Factual:

Elon Musk: “My Pronouns Are Arrest/Prosecute Fauci”

Gotta end with this hilarious post from Mike Lindell:

WATCH: Mike Lindell’s Hilarious Dr. Seuss Homage — “Welcome To MyPillowville Where Everyone Sleeps…”

And a reminder to grab some of his new coffee…

You won’t be disappointed!

Gotta love some of the comments:

Keep on rocking Mike!

America loves what you’re doing!

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Your friend,



Your friend,



With a massive Red Wave, it’s soon time to focus on the main enchilada…Daddy T45 himself!

Will you join us in our new mission?

How about if it was FREE?


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