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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/12/21



Hi friends!

Noah here, and I am loaded up with a huge Newsletter for you tonight on this beautiful Sunday evening!

How are you?

Let’s start with a reminder that Mike Lindell still needs your help….

It’s 100% free to help and only takes 1-2 minutes:

HELP NEEDED: Here’s How YOU Can Help Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Election Fraud Case!

Thanks in advance!

And speaking of Mike and MyPillow, I got this email today from a reader:

I’ve told you, Mike’s sheets are the absolute best!

Grab a set for yourself or as a gift for Christmas….you will NOT be disappointed!

Remember, always use promo code WLT to get the max discount.

Just plug it in like this:

Next up is something I like to do every Sunday….

A great Gospel message:

CRT: Christ’s Racial Truth!

Thank you Pastor Robb, that is a gem!

Then we go to Julie Green who had a major bombshell about Biden:

Julie Green Says “The Man Playing Joe Biden Will Be Revealed”

And then to another prophet, Timothy Dixon:

Timothy Dixon: The Time Is 11:58…

And then a huge new interview I just had with Bo Polny.

You’re going to love this one, please enjoy:

Bo Polny: A Great, Surprise Christmas Miracle!

This next one is really interesting….

He’s a proven liar and a lefty, but I found his comments in his final sign off VERY interesting:

Brian Williams: “They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside”

Your thoughts?

So glad to hear how many of you have been able to grab the new Z-Stack from Dr. Zelenko.

Here is the link if you need it:

NOW AVAILABLE: Dr. Zelenko’s “Z-Stack” Now Open To The Public!

This next one is really troubling….

What in the world?

Sadistic Action Figure For Sale Shows Dr. Fauci Killing Trump

And we end with our top story….

I don’t think there’s any other way to take this one, you just have to see it for yourself:

President Trump: “Hold On, I’m Coming!”

So amazing!

Keep the faith friends, President Trump is telling you he’s coming back soon!

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



Thank you for always supporting Mike and MyPillow!

Despite almost every big name store canceling his products, Mike Lindell’s business has not suffered losses due to patriots around the world still continue to buy his products.


Readers of WeLoveTrump can save up to 66% on purchases directly from!

Mike’s Egyptian Cotton sheets are the only sheets I will ever buy after trying them last year.

I just bought two more sets this morning to support this man.

And the towels are soft and actually work!  Imagine that!

If you want to buy ANYTHING from MyPillow, just use Promo Code “WLT (that’s WLT without the quotes) and you’ll get a huge discount applied to your purchase.

Here’s where you put it:

I’ve always told you….it pays to be Deplorable!

This special Promo Code benefits MyPillow, you and WeLoveTrump….it’s a win-win-win!

The only loser?  Deep State Big Retailers.



Let me know down in the comments if we missed any….

Oh and by the way, MyPillow makes the PERFECT Christmas Gift if you needed something for a family member.



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