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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/13/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and this is super late tonight…

So I will move fast.

But so much in here that I don’t want you to miss!

Starting with this….here come the Neuremburg 2.0 trials:

WATCH: DeSantis Holds Historic Discussion On Vaccine Accountability

And once the dam breaks, it is ALL coming out.

Ever wonder why Watergate was so big over just an audio tape?

Perhaps because they were lying to you like always?

Watergate Was Pedogate (70% of Top US Officials Compromised?)

Big progress for Kari Lake:

JUST IN: Emergency Court Hearing ORDERED In Kari Lake Lawsuit!

Next up, never listen to what they say….

… what they DO:

Why Is The Biden Administration HOARDING Iodine?

Next up, Matt Lauer did a great job here.

I love looking back now and finding video of these CROOKS lying to our face while they KNEW they were lying about everything:

“So…You Were Lying?”

Remember this?

I do:

FLASHBACK: Do You Remember What #JoanRivers Said Right Before She Dropped Dead?

And we end with a true stunner….

Our top story.

My only request?

Read it in full before you judge….and then test it yourself!

Then judge and comment.

Here you go:

Demonic Portal Opened Up Over The White House? LOOK Here Before You Judge!


Your friend,



Your friend,



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