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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/14/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

So much to show you tonight!

Starting with a great one right off the bat:

JUST IN: Satanic Idol At Iowa State Capitol Reportedly BEHEADED By Christian Veteran

Sometimes all you need is a little “beheading” to fix things up!

Actually reminds me so much of the story of Dagon, do you know that one?

Not sure what I think of this next one….

It’s either a good and kind idea or Wokeness gone mad:

SouthWest Goes Full-On WOKE, Would YOU Give Up Your Seat?

Ok, I’ve made my decision….

I’m ok with this new policy for one reason: if they DON’T have this policy, then I may be stuck sitting next to the Beluga and that’s going to be a miserable flight.

But perhaps an even better idea would be to just CHARGE them for two seats?

Also, riddle me this….

So the Whale gets a “discount” for being Obese, but if my luggage even goes one tick over 50 lbs, I get hit with a massive surcharge.

How is that fair again?

Ok, I gotta move on so I don’t get stuck on this story all night…..

Bad news next for our President:

BREAKING: President Trump Suffers Legal Setback In New York

Which seems to be a good time to remind you to join in here:

PRAYER CHAIN: Can We Get One Million People Praying for Trump?

And sticking with President Trump, have you seen this?

President Trump: “We’re Going To Do a Federal Takeover of Washington, D.C.”

Next up, I’ve been warning you that the bank failures are far from over….

Here’s the latest:

Leading UK Bank, MetroBank, Down For Over 8 Hours And Counting…

Big story from this morning was a FIRE set in the Trump New York Courhouse:

Trump Trial Judge EVACUATED After Man Sets Fire Inside Courthouse

Evidence lost?

UPDATE: Mysterious FIRE Breaks Out At Manhattan Supreme Court, Documents Burned…

And this is pretty incredible:

Tesla Optimus Robots Testing The Bulletproof Cybertruck?

That’s your future folks….how do you feel about it?

Will you get an Optimus when they go on sale?

I realize it may kill me in my sleep and it’s probably the end of society as we know it, but I want one!!!

Then we go to something straight out of nightmares:

Jill Biden BLASTED Over Bizarre ‘Hunger Games-Like’ Christmas Video

And while we don’t wish ill-will on anyone, you have to love this next one:

UPDATE: Turkish Lawmaker Who Collapsed After Saying Israel Would “Suffer The Wrath Of Allah” Passes Away


Big update out today on the drowning of that Obama chef.

Get this….the Secret Service Boats were all non-operational.

Imagine that!

Just a glitch, I’m sure:

New Records Reveal Secret Service Boats Were INOPERABLE During Obama Chef Rescue Attempt

And heads up about this:

ALERT: Multiple Sodas Recalled Due To “Potential Foreign Material”

Now by popular demand, I am re-running this next one.

If you haven’t seen this one yet, you’re in for a treat:

Now Playing….The Greatest Show On Earth?

And we end with our top story….

This is not going to end well.

Got Gold?

Got Silver?

Got Bitcoin?

Got XRP?

ECONOMIC WARFARE: UAE Ditches The “Petro-Dollar” For Oil Trades, Crisis Incoming?

That’s a wrap for tonight!

Your friend,



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