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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/17/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and Happy Friday!

Welcome to all the new people now following me on Gab.

You can join in here 👉

And yes, I’m still on Parler and Telegram too, those aren’t going anywhere.

First up in the news, we start with some no-so-good news:

BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules On Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Large Employers

Very troubling indeed.

Were they bribed?


Families threatened?

I’d really love to know what went on here behind the scenes.

Now we head for a showdown in the Supreme Court and sadly that means John Roberts.

Hey, speaking of John Roberts, this might be a VERY good time to show you this in case you missed it:

Barry Wunsch: John Roberts Will Be Exposed, His “Little Black Book” Made Public!

One other reminder in case you missed it, Dr. Zelenko is single-handedly doing what Big Pharma SHOULD be doing….

Promoting safe, natural, effective ways to BOOST your immune system!

He calls it an “a-ha” moment when he finally created his new Z-Stack.

You can still grab some here:

“One Of Those ‘A-Ha!’ Moments” — Dr. Zelenko On How He Developed His New “Z-Stack” Power Pack!

I recommend some for you and your entire family.

Who knows what “virus” they unleash on us next, right?

Have you thought about that?

I have.

I think this was just the test run.

Next I want to share with you a personal story:

[FROM NOAH] Let Me Tell You a Story, It Starts In 2008…

And speaking of the virus, how heartbreaking is this?

I don’t ever remember this being an issue, but now it’s an epidemic?

New York School District Sends Out Email Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in K-12 Children


So, so evil…..

May these people rot and burn in Hell for all of eternity for doing this to the children, let alone to the entire society.

And more on their corruption right here:

Pfizer Acquires Arena Pharmaceuticals For $6.7 Billion; A Company With Developing Cardiovascular & Immuno-Inflammatory Disease Treatments

Create the problem and then sell the solution huh?

They will answer to an Almighty God….and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Then we have this:

(VIDEO) Florida Man Banned From United Airlines Flight For Wearing Thong as Mask

Man, I can’t really tell you just how much I hate the airlines.

With a passion.

The most power-drunk, Hitler-ish industries that exists.

I despise them all.

Now let’s move to something more positive:

FREEDOM FRIDAY: All The Way With Trump!

Isn’t that sweet?

Still a few hours left to claim one (while they last)….


And this came out today, breaking from the CDC:

CDC Officially Recommends People To Not Get J&J Vaccine

So… know what this means: if for some reason you are forced or compelled to get the vaxx, you want to do everything in your power to make sure it’s the J&J.

And a huge update on Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court case is next:

Update On Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Election Fraud Case

It’s still in the works and Attorney Generals from multiple states are still giving input!

All the details in the link above.

And also a way YOU can help!

So very important.

Thank you in advance.

And we end with my most recent video with Bo Polny….where we talk Trump, Bitcoin, Stocks, Gold and Silver and so much more.

It’s always such a pleasure to chat with Bo and I know how much all of you enjoy them as well.

Here you go:

Bo Polny: A Christmas Miracle…and a Message For Noah!

That’s all for tonight!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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Let me know down in the comments if we missed any….

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