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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/18/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and I’m getting this out early tonight…

Or at least semi-early.

How are you?

So many truly exciting things to show you tonight, let’s jump right in.

Have to move fast because I have more than usual.

First up:

Trump Motorcade In Houston Draws Questions: POTUS?

What do you think about that motorcade?

And the crowd pics…wow!

Then we go to Mike Lindell who was on FlashPoint today in a clip you don’t want to miss:

FLASHPOINT LIVE: Wallnau, Kunneman, Lindell — “It’s Unraveling!”

But that’s not all…

He also made news for this next one which is really awesome, don’t you think?

BREAKING: Mike Lindell To Donate 10,000 Pillows To Tornado Victims!

God bless you Mike!

Ok and while we’re on it, we have the trifecta….one more about Mike’s biggest sale of the year:

Mike Lindell’s Biggest Sale of the Year?

If you need anything from MyPillow, now is the time and honestly doesn’t it feel so good to support him after all he is doing for America?

Love ya Mike!

Then we have this one:

BREAKING: Cleveland Guardians Minor League Catcher Andrés Meléndez Dies Suddenly at Age 20; Cause of Death Not Disclosed

I don’t know the cause and I’m not going to speculate.

I just sure hope it wasn’t heart inflammation from the jab.

Next up is a real gem.

If you don’t know Dr. Stanley Monteith, you need to stop what you’re doing and check this out.

I saved it from the YouTube purge:

Dr. Stanley Monteith: The Forbidden Secret [Video Recovered]

And then we move to an abomination….literally.

Can you even believe this?

Drag Queen Children’s Sermon At Chicago “Lutheran” Church

Really bad look Lutherans!

You’re better than this, or at least you should be!

Next is something super fun….

We ran this giveaway last week and I’m so happy to announce the winner:

WINNER ANNOUNCED: C60 Package Worth $140 Has Been Won!

If that’s you, check your email right now for an email from me!

This next one is straight fire, love this guy:

Dr. David Martin: The TRUTH About COVID + HIV + Coup D’Etat

Your thoughts?

And then we move to “Conspiracy Fact”.

Of all things, the spraying directly in the skies above us both dismays and pisses me off to no end.

How do people not see and understand it?

Details here:

TRUMORS: Chemtrails Now ADMITTED By John Brennan Himself!

And I know this is risky because I always get some hate mail when I talk about the freemasons, but I have to tell the truth.

That’s the mission of this website and I cannot stray from it.

Sorry masons, this is the truth and I hope I can wake up even one person with this article:

EXPOSED: Here’s Why The Freemasons Are a Demonic and Evil Organization!

And I’ll just say this before you all email me about it….yes, your grandfather who was in the masons may have been a good person.

I bet he was low-level and had no real idea what was going on.

But it is NOT a good or Godly organization.

It’s evil.

In fact, this ties in directly to Dr. Stanley Monteith above.

Read and watch them both.

Then we have a real gem:

RARE VIDEO FOUND: Meet Donald Trump’s Mom, Mary Anne Trump!

Wow, the mannerisms and everything, right?

Enjoy that one.

And we end with our top story:

REVIEW: What Was In Those Bush Sr. Funeral Envelopes and Why Did Mike Pence Get One?

Read the full article to see my belief (confirmed by some of my sources) on who the first arrest will be.

It might surprise you.

That’s a wrap!  See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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