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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/21/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and it’s already December 21st, can you believe it?

I am so excited for Christmas!

We have little children here and they are just bursting with excitement… much fun!

Ok now we have to jump right into the news because I have some really big stories you are going to love today.

First up is Jim Jordan asking some fantastic questions:

Jim Jordan Blows The Lid Off The CDC Corruption!

Can you believe they don’t have ONE SINGLE STUDY on God’s natural immunity?

Only on their DNA altering vaccines….

Imagine that!

Also, can anyone explain to me how you can just mix and match these vaccines?

You have J&J, Moderna and Pfizer…three separate “vaccines” all developed independently of each other, and all presumably their own proprietary biotech formulas and research which are HIGHLY confidential and proprietary you would assume….and yet, they can just be mixed and matched?

So you can get the Moderna vaxx and then the J&J booster?


Folks, that doesn’t even pass the smell test!

Is anyone awake out there and questioning how this can be?

Oh, let’s take it one step further….

How are they identifying these “variants”?

I was under the impression there is no actual test for the type of variant.

So how do they instantly know all these “variants” are exploding?


Get it now?

Pure propaganda to take full control over your life and eliminate your liberty and freedom!

Wake up America, before it’s too late!

Ok, I gotta move on:

UK Group That Includes Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon Files Complaint in International Court For Crimes Against Humanity Against Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Daszak & Others

How awesome is that?

And yes, it’s real!

This next one is also great:

Dr. Zelenko Exposes The Plan Behind The Pandemic: “Global Enslavement!”

God bless you Dr. Zelenko!

Now we get into some wild stuff:

BREAKING: General Flynn Files Restraining Order Against Pelosi

And a second one:

Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Against Nancy Pelosi, US Capitol Riot Committee

And my personal favorite:

It’s Official: John Durham is Now Investigating the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign

I told you he wasn’t done!

Not in the slightest!

Fantastic update next from Timothy Dixon:

Timothy Dixon: Visitation From The LORD

And to say my friend Bo Polny nailed it today would be an understatement….

See why here:

Bo Polny Nails It Again: Cycle Inversion!

And we end with our top story:

President Trump Announces Major News Conference on January 6th: Will Expose the Deep State

Can’t wait!

Ok, I gotta run, that’s all for tonight.

Let me know which was your favorite!

Your friend,



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