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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/26/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night And thiNewsletter.

We start tonight with another win Vivek:

Meltdown Ensues After Vivek Gives The Mic To Protestor…

Look, I'm not 100% on Team Vivek, but he's growing on me and I think he's head and shoulders above most others in D.C.

So I say we do 4 more years of Trump, then 8 years of Kari Lake, and then after that I'd be open to seeing Vivek have a shot.

How about you?

Next up is one of my favorite Glenn Beck bits of all time:

GLENN BECK: “Hang on, our Themis has just gone off….”

And back to President Trump, there's no way one man could hold up the way he has....

....unless someone is also holding him up in return.

I believe the faith of his family and the mighty right hand of God is holding up President Trump for such a time as this:

FAITH: The True Story of Donald Trump’s REVIVAL Bible!

Then we go to Colorado for this utter embarrassment:

ULTRA-CRINGE: Colorado’s Governor Humiliates Himself On Christmas

Next is something truly special:

MUST SEE: Scientists Discover “Breathtaking” Flash of Light That Occurs At Conception!

And it seems like a good time to remind everyone of this:

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Stay Calm, We Do NOT Support Calls For Violence, But Know This…

And I am getting so tired of seeing this happen:

MTG Gets SWATTED On Christmas

And this:

Another GOP Member Of Congress Swatted On Christmas Day

Here's what I wrote earlier today on Twitter:


And a reminder to make sure you see this:

Catherine Herridge Predicts a ‘Black Swan Event’ in 2024

In light of that report, I think you might find this interesting:

Costco Sold $100 Million Worth Of Gold Bars In Three Months – But How Do You Own Gold if Money Is Tied Up In Retirement Accounts?

And we end with another deep dive into a topic that I think is going to become VERY relevant soon....

Breaking news soon on the MSM will involve the Nephilim, the Elohim....and Demons!

Make sure you are educated before it happens:

Where Do Demons Come From?

Ok, that's all for tonight.

Your friend,



Do you have one of these?

In my opinion EVERYONE should have one!

Critical Medications Every American Should Have On Hand (Including Ivermectin) – And How To Get Them Prescribed



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