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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/29/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Got a lot to show you, let’s move quick.

Starting with breaking news tonight:

Andrew Tate Arrested, Did He Predict It?

Not sure what to think yet, but I have serious doubts….

How about you?

Next is something that really blew my mind tonight…

Loy Brunson and President Trump, together 6 years ago:

Loy Brunson Talks With President Trump!

How did we miss this?

These brothers were EVERYWHERE!

Johnny Carson…

Regis and Kathy Lee…


And yet that remained almost unknown until last month when they docketed the biggest Supreme Court case to ever get filed!

You paying attention yet?

Next up is the THIRD time I’ve posted this warning:

WARNING: These Are NOT Real, Don’t Get Conned!

Why do I keep posting it?

Two reasons:

(1) Because someone emailed me today asking if the TRB checks were real, so I reposted it.

(2) After I reposted, someone (nice guy) argued with me on Telegram for a long time, confident the were real.

I feel bad for him and I’m sorry he got scammed.

But even when I told him over and over, he refused to believe they weren’t real.

Please…don’t lose your hard earned money to garbage like this!

Who loves ya, baby?


I’ve got your back!

Next up, this ain’t over…far from it:

UPDATE: Recount Results for Arizona Attorney General

And I love the idea of Jim Jordan for Speaker…

How about you?

Matt Gaetz, Republicans Push for Jim Jordan to Become House Speaker

Hard to believe this is even real, but it is:

US City to Host SatanCon 2023: ‘The Largest Satanic Gathering in History’

Trump wins again:

J6 Committee Withdraws Trump Subpoena

And we end with two huge stories…


This Person Does Not Exist

And second is our biggest story of the week:

Hundreds of Seats In Congress, Suddenly Empty…Filled By Regular Americans!


Thank you so much to the reader who sent us the missing video!

You all are truly awesome!

Before I go…

We end with a special reader poll:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Fauci Be Prosecuted For LYING To Congress?

NATIONAL POLL: Should Fauci Be Prosecuted For LYING To Congress? (tap here)

Your friend,



Your friend,



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