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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/3/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and tonight is going to be a little different.

Usually I have a few “bonus articles” for you, but tonight is a switch.

I only have five for you tonight, not because we didn’t publish a lot (we did) but because these five are SO powerful that I don’t want you reading anything else.

Got your attention?


Let’s start with this:

I know some people found The Twitter Files Part 1 hard to follow, so this format should help a lot.

This is wild stuff, and it’s only Part 1…

We’ll have a FULL breakdown of Part 2 tomorrow, but for now you have to start here:

Twitter Files Part 1 (Easier To Read Format)

Aside from the now-proven election interference, the biggest story to me is Jack Dorsey.

For two reasons.

I explain it all here — WARNING: sick stuff in here:

Jack Dorsey + Pizza + Pasta + Satan?

Sticking with Twitter, James Woods is now suing…

The first of many to come!

Actor James Woods VOWS To Sue DNC After Receiving New Intel from Twitter Files

And sticking with “sick” stuff, what in the hell is this?

Teaching kids about sex at age 3?


That’s what this guy wants to do?

Sick bastard:

Planned Parenthood Executive Admits to Being a Groomer?

We end with perhaps the biggest story we’ve ever published.

I’ve been telling you about the TRUMPet playing Brunson Brothers Supreme Court case for over a week now.

In fact, we may have been the very first news outlet to cover it.

Many doubted.

Others thought it was too confusing.

I have good news:  it’s 100% real and I have a really simply explanation of it that will probably make you stand up and cheer with excitement for what’s coming next!

Yes, that’s not an exaggeration.

Read here:

The “Trumpet Brothers” Supreme Court Case Could RULE At Any Moment! Simple Explanation!

Absolutely massive!

It could literally drop at any moment!

We’ll keep you updated.

Please remember to follow us at Daily Noah on Twitter:

That’s a wrap!

Your friend,



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