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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/30/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and I have a ton to show you tonight.

It’s one of those days where I can’t figure out what to cut so I’m giving you more than usual…

We start with Dr. Zelenko and his new “Z-Stack” medicine.

If you’ve been trying to buy this recently and had problems, I am sorry about that.

After we initially told you about it, it became SO popular that it broke their website.

For real.

So if you were trying to use my promo code and it didn’t work, that’s why!

After 6 days, it’s finally fixed and the Z-Stack is now BACK IN STOCK!

You can see it and grab one right here if you want:

Nothing is more important than your health right now.

And the health of your family!

Ok, next up we have this:

WARNING: Biden Signs $137 Million Deal with German Company for Covid Tests to Deliver in Late 2024…

I hate everything about that….

He thinks we’re still going to be jamming swabs up our nose in 2024?

Not me!

He thinks he will still be the Resident in 2024?

Sorry bud!

Next up is more Woke madness:

British Newspaper Cancels ‘Person Of The Year’ Poll After “Anti-Trans” J.K. Rowling Dominates Results

They loved this lady until she DARED to say a woman is a woman.

How dare she!

Then we have this gem:

Even Hillary Is Saying Biden Has Lost It

You gotta love it when even Hillary is throwing the Biden Regime under the bus!

Guess she lost out on being the new VP, huh?

And this makes me furious:

Federal Case Against ANTIFA Rioter For Violent Assault DROPPED After 30 Hours “Community Service”

Two different justice systems in America, that’s for sure!

If I ever get accused of a crime, I’m just gonna say I’m ANTIFA or I’m an ILLEGAL and they’ll let me go for sure!

Next up, do you like guns?

Do you like free stuff?

Then this is for you:

VETS MADE FREEDOM GIVEAWAY! Enter For Free To Over $10,000 In Gun Prizes!

Parents, we are at a red alert situation….

Please read this and share with everyone you know:

URGENT WARNING from Dr. Robert Malone (founder of mRNA vaxx): DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!

So important.

Then we have something REALLY interesting:

The Pentagon Is Constructing a New Courtroom For War Crimes Trials At Guantánamo Bay

Whatever could that be for?

And here’s what else….you know Biden didn’t want that, so who is really in charge?


Next up, this guy is going viral for all the right reasons:

“What are your thoughts on Joe Biden?” — Man Gives Perfect Answer!

Someone give him an award!

Big update from our friend Kat Kerr:

Kat Kerr Update On Current Events: “Let The Show Begin!”

Big update in Epstein world:

EPSTEIN RING: Coming Trouble For Prince Andrew?

Next, I joked a year ago that eventually they would throw our Founding Fathers in jail.

Today it happened:

Facebook & Instagram Censor Founding Father’s Quote on Freedom of Speech as “False Information”

And what is going on here?

Epstein Records SEALED?

The only question remaining in the Maxwell case is whether she will be killed in prison (like Epstein, allegedly!) or whether she will cut a deal and turn on everyone involved.

I’m hoping for the latter.

Have to run, I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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