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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/1/22



Hi everybody!

Noah here…and we are officially in to February!

I am so ready for Winter to be over, how about you?

Winter the season and Winter for our country.

BOTH are ending soon!

Ok, I’ve got a ton to show you tonight, so we have to move fast.

First up, did we find the leaker?

Top Democrat Exposes Biden’s Chief Of Staff Of Leaking

And then we have this beauty:

Whoopi Goldberg SUSPENDED!

How in the world could she say that?

I mean, if you asked me to come up with one one of the most ridiculous things to ever say, this would probably be something I’d come up with.

And she believed it!

What is wrong with her?

It was the biggest mass genocide of our entire recorded history, and she thinks it’s not about race?

Whoopi….you need to go.

Man, I love these truckers and I love this guy:

Trucker Posts Incredibly Emotional Video

How can you not support these great human beings?

This is very disturbing:

COVID-19 Injections Have Caused Nearly Half a Million Spontaneous Abortions, According to New Analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose

And you gotta love this granny:

Video Shows Granny Taking Ski Mask Off Man Reportedly Shoplifting

You go girl!

Speaking of a girl going….bye bye Rach:

Bad News for MSNBC as Top-Rated Host Vanishes From Airwaves

This next one makes my blood boil:

3-Year-Old Boy Refused Heart Surgery Because Parents Were Unvaccinated Against COVID-19

Now a pause to support Mike Lindell and to let you know about something awesome:

Flash Sale: “Wear All Day” MySlippers Now 50% Off (Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift)

I bought a few MyPillow items today and check. this out….

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Then we have two awesome stories about COVID disappearing exactly like I said….gone like a bad fart in the wind:

Finland to Lift All COVID-19 Measures in February, Will Introduce Digital ID in 2023


Is Saskatchewan Dropping COVID-19 Jab Mandates to Secretly Insert Digital ID?

And we end with our top story and my personal favorite:

Dozens of Missouri Students Walk Out After Classmate Escorted by Police for Not Wearing Mask

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Told ya we were loaded up!

Your friend,



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