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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/10/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

A lot to show you again today…let’s jump right in!

Starting with something I was delighted to see:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Loudly BOOED In Las Vegas

Really stunning to see how jarred he was...

He just stood there, frozen, unsure of what to do.

Keep it up folks, we are winning!

And this was extremely strange:

[WATCH] CNN Host Appears Ill On Air, Network Abruptly Cuts From Broadcast

Reports that he yacked immediately when the cameras cut away...

Was he hungover?



Something else?

It didn't look good!

Wolf?  More like RALPH!

Next up are two horrible airplane stories....


Horrific Plane Crash On Florida Interstate Kills Two [VIDEO]

And then this:

Man Dies On Commercial Flight, Witnesses Say Blood Gushed From Mouth and Nose

Man, I tell ya....flying has always sucked but it's especially terrible right now.

It's incredible how much they have destroyed something that used to be so cool.

But that's what they do to everything.

And then we have an update for you on this story:

Rocky Star Carl Weathers’ Cause Of Death Revealed

And I love what these guys are doing:

Prepper Beef Company Starts Stockpiling Ribeye and NY Strip for Coming “Challenges”

Props to Michael Rapaport for owning it on this one and even saying he's open to voting Trump:

Michael Rapaport Admits Being Fooled By Media’s Lie About Trump Charlottesville Quote

Look, he's still going to call Trump names and say he doesn't like certain things about him, but at least he's intellectually honest enough to admit when the MEDIA lied and fooled him and to admit that Trump was actually pretty good.

I'll take that!

Thank you Michael!

Next up we have the numbers from Tucker's interview of Putin, and it DWARFS the ratings of the Super Bowl!


NUMBERS ARE IN: Tucker Gets More Views Than SUPER BOWL!

And we end with our top story....

Are we about to have a 2020 "do over"?

All signs point to yes:

INCOMING: A 2020 “Do-Over”!

Now let's talk Super Bowl....

I don't care much about football.

Haven't watched a game all year.

But yes, I'll be watching the Super Bowl.

Mainly because I want to see the Commercials, and I want to see how overtly Satanic the Halftime Show is, and I want to see if something major happens (I am worried about it).

So I don't know much about the teams, but I know I hate the Kelce guy on the Chiefs who pushes the Pfizer jab, and I want to vomit every time I see Taylor Swift, and I know the 49ers QB is a strong Christian and very open about his's pretty easy for me.  I'm rooting for the 49ers!

How about you?

Love to hear what you think.

Are you watching?

Not watching?

Don't care?

Got a favorite team?

Let me know!

Your friend,



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