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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/12/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here, and I have one of the most important Newsletters tonight in recent memory.

Big, big stories!

We start with some great news to stop future election fraud:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Drop Boxes

Then we have a Julie Green prophecy fulfilled…

I always love showing you these and this one was quick!

Julie Green: Madison Cawthorn Prophecy Already Being Fulfilled!

So incredibly sad to show you this next one:

39-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Cícera Santos Develops Blood Clots and Has Leg Amputated Two Weeks After Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

And infuriating that they they to ruin things that may actually work:

ALERT: Is This Why They Don’t Want You To Know About Ivermectin?

A great new prophetic message from Timothy Dixon that is very emotionally charged:

Timothy Dixon: This Means WAR…The Taking of the Land

And what is this?

How is this not front page news everywhere?

WATCH Biden: “I Was Hospitalized A Long Time, I Had A Couple Of Years Ago Cranial Aneurisms”

Say what now Joe?

You have a couple of “cranial aneurisms”?

I mean, none of us are surprised but can you imagine if this was Trump?

They would have tried to remove him the next hour.

But Joe?

No one even mentions it….only WeLoveTrump!

It’s not wonder so many of us are drawing HIGHER ratings than CNN!

Because we actually report the news!

Don’t miss this next one, I love Mike Lindell and this is why:

Mike Lindell Makes BIG Move To Support Canada’s Truckers Freedom Convoy!

And speaking of Mike, you all know his Giza Cotton Sheets are my absolute favorite.

🚨 If you’ve been waiting for the right time to grab a set on a big discount, this is your red alert 🚨:

Mike Lindell’s “Giza Dream Sheets” Now 60% Off (As Low As $39.99)

Thank you for supporting Mike!

This was going viral today and I loved it and had to share with you…

I love the 74 year old man who says he is digging it!

We are all uniting around music, truckers and freedom!

New Song “God Over Government” Is Going Viral [WATCH/LISTEN HERE]

And we end tonight with two of the biggest stories I have ever published.

Longtime readers know I have a rule about not using the word “Bombshell” unless I really mean it.


I really mean it:

BOMBSHELL: New Durham Filing Confirms Hillary Clinton Allies SPIED On Trump Campaign and Presidency!

But that’s not even out top story of the day.

I know, right?

Our top story is President Trump’s statement about the issue, which is sending the internet into a furious tizzy!


Because it appears he just confirmed a MAJOR Q Drop from several years ago….and it appears we may have been right a year ago when we speculated that John Durham may not actually exist.

Read it here folks:

President Trump Calls Out “Robert Durham”…Theory Confirmed?

Oh my….

Love to get your thoughts!

Leave a comment below or write me back.

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Your friend,



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