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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/16/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here and we have to move fast tonight because I have a lot to cover.

First up, this is so wonderful please enjoy this:

MUST SEE: Incredible Freedom Convoy Prayer and Song!

Exactly what we need right now!

And this too!

Watch: The Lord’s Prayer LIVE In Canada!

And you’re gonna love this:

WATCH: Far-Left Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Get’s DESTROYED On Livestream

Faith in humanity restored!

Great video to share next from “And We Know”:


And today we asked this very simple question:

Why Hasn’t Biden Fired Durham?

We also asked this question:

Does Justin Trudeau’s Foundation Hold 40% Ownership of Acuitas, Manufacturer of Lipid Nanoparticles in the COVID mRNA Jabs? Is This the Reason He Won’t Back Down? (WATCH)

New from POTUS:

NEW Statement From President Trump

And do you want to know why NO ONE in the MSM is covering Hillary’s Spygate?

Because they say you’re too dumb to possibly understand it:

The New York Times Claims Hillary Clinton Russiagate Scandal Too Complex For It’s Readers


And we end with our top story:

Kash Patel On Durham Investigation: “He’s Unraveling The Biggest Political Scandal In U.S. History”

I have a feeling we are all very smart and can understand it just fine.

And I have a feeling the entire world will understand it all very soon.

Tick, tock!

Time is up!

Your friend,



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