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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/16/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Before we jump in to the news, I just have to say I KNEW you all would love these and I’m so glad to see how many of you were able to grab them at 50% off after I showed it to you last night.

Super cool idea:

Grab one for 50% off (while they last)

Ok, now on with the news and what a day it was!

We start with one of my favorite stories in a long time:

Did Fani Willis Wear Her Dress Backwards To Court?

Whether it was or was not backwards appears up for debate...

What I find most fascinating is that we are honestly having the conversation!

A grown (overgrown?) woman who allegedly has a law degree and half the population thinks it's not only possible but likely that she put her dress on backwards and wore it to Court!


Fani....they don't think you is very smart!

Then we had this drop today:

BREAKING: Trump Fined More Than $360 Million In New York Fraud Case | Banned From Operating Real Estate

Absolute insanity and will no doubt be overturned.

I've never seen anything so frivolous, not to mention wildly unconstitutional (no due process).

But they're trying everything they can!

President Trump has vowed to appeal -- and he will win resoundingly:

Trump to Appeal “Corrupt” Judge’s Ruling

Then we have this:

Democrats Furious, File Complaint Against Speaker Johnson Over Pastor’s Prayer

It sounded like a GREAT prayer to me!

A prayer very specifically and very clearly honoring Jesus Christ and calling for his help and guidance.

So of course the DemonRats reeeeee'd at the sound of it.

Literal demons shrieking in many cases....

Then we have this:

Biden Administration Installs ‘Roadblocks’ In Preparation Of A Trump 2024 Victory

And a big heads up here:

Study Says 80% Of Americans Test Positive For Pesticide Found In Popular Cereals

I first told you about this last night and it looks like it's becoming very popular:

See Why MAGA Patriots Are Downloading This NEW App to Start 2024

I keep sounding the alarm about this:

AMTV: “Get Your Money Out Of The Banks!”

Please tell me you won't wait until it's too late?

I love this next one....the man who will dethrone Pocahontas:

Crypto Lawyer John Deaton To Unseat Elizabeth Warren In Senate Race?

Bravo John, you've got our full support!

We'll do whatever we can to help you win!

And we end with our top story:

Is Dana Carvey “Playing” Joe Biden?

Read the article first before your comment.

One more before I go...

This will truly bring tears to your eyes, so moving!

Please enjoy:

“That We Did It All For The Glory of Love”

Ok, I have to run...

See you tomorrow!

Your friend,



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