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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/20/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter, and I just want to pause for a moment before we get started to say what an honor it is to get to bring you this Newsletter each night.

Since 2015, we’ve worked relentlessly to bring you the news the Legacy Media refuses to show.

No censorship.

No spin.

Just printing the truth and showing it for all to see.

So thanks for being here.

You’re among 5+ million monthly readers (and growing) who trust us and I just want to say I will NEVER take that lightly.

It’s a great honor to get to run this Newsletter and our news outlets.

Ok, now let’s dig in…

We start with an update on this story, and it’s not all bad:

‘Chicago Ray’ Deletes Viral NYC Boycott Video, Explains Why

Next is something a little off the wall, but I'd been searching for this video for a long time and I finally found it.

A true classic:

FOUND: Donald Trump’s EPIC Takedown of Rosie O’Donnell

Then we go to Hillary hanging out with "Tedros".

And man she looks terrible!

I'm not here to hate on anyone's looks, but is that even her?


Hillary Clinton Looks GONE In Latest Photo With WHO Director

Then we have this:

Ready To Eat “3D Printed” Salmon?

Will you trust it?

Sorry, not me!

And then we have another day and another plane falling apart.

I gotta say, I would be very scared to fly right now, this is nuts:

Boston-Bound Flight Diverts Plane After Wing Came Apart Midair [WATCH HERE]

Ok this next one is sure to stir up a lot of controversy but I'm publishing it anyway.

I felt called to write it today and so that's what I did.

Love to know where you stand on it:

Stop Talking About Flat Earth — It Makes Christians Look Bad!

The only thing I ask is you read it all before commenting.

Sound fair?

Tremendous news next out today about Fani Willis:

Leading Attorney Reveals Potential Death Blow For Fani Willis

And you just gotta laugh about this, he wrong?

I include pictures.

Don Jr. Compares Michelle Obama To A TRUCK Of A Linebacker!

Remember that SuperBowl ad about "He Gets Us"?

It split people 50/50 right down the middle.

Some loved it.

Some hated it.

But whatever you thought, is this one better?

Is This The Jesus Ad They SHOULD Have Ran At The SuperBowl?

And we end tonight with our top story....

Is this how things end up?

Joe Rogan Reveals Who The 2024 Democratic Nominee Is Really Going To Be

Love to know what you think.





Who will it be?

Someone else?

Ok, that's a wrap for tonight.

I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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