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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/26/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here…how are you?

Got a great Saturday night edition of the Newsletter for you, starting with some FANTASTIC news:

IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Announces 2024 Run at CPAC: “We Did It Twice, and We’ll Do It Again”

Here’s my take…

I love seeing him back in the hunt but we can’t just forget about 2020.


I think he will.

He knows, and I think we see him back well before 2024 to tell you the truth.

We also had this awesome moment at CPAC:

WATCH: CPAC Gives Democrat Standing Ovation for Exposing ‘Clinton Corruption’

And what do we have here?

WATCH: Dr. Mikolaj Raszek Presents Pfizer Documents That Confirms Possible Entry of Spike Protein Into the Cell Nuclei

We’ve been telling you that for almost a year now!

Glad to see it getting more attention.

We’ve also been telling you what Dr. Zelenko is saying:

Dr. Zelenko: “Yes, The Vaccinated Have AIDS”

And no, folks, this is not a satire article.

Stunningly, this is real:

John Kerry: I Hope Putin Stops Attack on Ukraine to Prevent More Climate Change

Do these people have any idea how STOOPID they sound at this point?

Stupid and utterly divorced from reality.

Moving to Russia, a major shift today as Germany suddenly changed it’s position and moved to ban Russia from the SWIFT banking system.

That’s big news and here’s why:

BREAKING: Italy and Germany On Board To Ban Russia From SWIFT

An AWESOME interview with Mike Lindell, Charlie Kirk and Phil Robertson on Flash Point Live today.

Make sure you don’t miss this:

Mike Lindell, Charlie Kirk, Phil Robertson on Special FLASH POINT LIVE!

Then we had this today…

Really Wendy?

You’ve never heard of Klaus “Anal” Schwab?

Wendy Rogers Doesn’t Know Who Klaus Schwab Is?


And speaking of Klaus:

FACT CHECK: Has Klaus Schwab Been Arrested?

Special new 99.9% pure silver Trump coin released recently and only 4,500 (get it?) will ever be made.

As in, VERY limited edition.

Sorry if they are gone by the time you see this, but here’s trying:

President Trump: Miss Me Yet?

And we end with our top story, which is a pause from the hard news to hopefully give you a big laugh.

These always crack me up!



Kills me every time!

Your friend,



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Yes it’s real, and it’s spectacular:


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