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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/28/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here and I believe we are on the cusp of some of the most intense, surprising and stunning weeks you’ve ever lived through…

Oh, and Happy Monday!

We start with my personal favorite:

President Trump Honors PATRIOT Mike Lindell

What a moment!

And then we had this, the first I’ve heard of this Precinct Strategy:

President Trump’s Latest Statement Regarding The Precinct Strategy

And I believe we are seeing Joe Rogan completely red pill before our eyes:

WATCH: Rogan Blasts Bill Gates

Actually, that might not be totally fair.

Back in the early, early days, Joe was cued in on many of the things we talk about here.

Then he went a little “mainstream” and got the $100 million deal with Spotify, but he seems to be returning to his roots.

Joe, time to go back to your earlier opinion that the moon landings were faked (spoiler alert: they were).

You might want to study up on this next one before it’s too late:

WATCH: The Antidote To Central Bank Digital Currency Slavery

And speaking of too late, don’t wait to prepare…

Got you covered here:

Are You and Your Family Prepared For The Worst?

Absolutely heartbreaking (and completely preventable) story next:

Peaceful Jan 6th Protestor Commits Suicide, Family Says He Died of “a Broken Heart”

And today we learned the answer to the age old question: Bill Bar: White Hat or Black Hat….

Today we know for sure:

Bill Barr Bashes Trump in New Book, Claims “The Election Was Not Stolen”

One more awesome article involving Mike Lindell:

WATCH: Mike Lindell Turns the Tables on Fake News Reporter Who Ambushes Him at CPAC

What a badass, you just gotta love him!

And we end with our most popular story and top story of the day:

Arizona Senate Finds 200,000 Uncounted Ballots


I keep telling you, it will all come out in an instant, in an avalanche.

Do not give up hope!

It ain’t over yet, not by a long shot!

Your friend,



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