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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/13/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here and I am loaded up with your Sunday edition of the Newsletter.

First, I’m so excited to announce I’m officially on TruthSocial!

I was #98,300 in line, so that may help you know where they are at in the line.

Please send me a friend request or say hi 👉

This was my first post:

Ok, now let’s jump in to the rest of the news.

Starting with a tradition around here….our Sunday Gospel message:

SUNDAY GOSPEL: Is Your Cistern Broken?

Thank you Pastor Robb!

Moving from the Gospel to the Occult, check this out:

Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren CAUGHT Doing Occult Ritual At SAG Awards…

Caught on camera!

So sad to see, isn’t it?

And speaking of the Occult, here is everything you need to know about the Freemasons:

SPECIAL REPORT: Here’s Why The Freemasons Are a Demonic and Evil Organization!

Sorry folks, I know your dad or bother or grandfather may have been a Mason, and they may have been so low-level they didn’t know what was going on.

But the group?

The group is not good.

It’s Luciferian.

Sorry, it’s the truth.

Now let’s move on to Zelensky and the Ukraine deception….

Check this stunner out:

Why Is Ukraine’s Zelensky Wearing The NAZI Iron Cross?

And then we have triple vaxxed Barack Hussein testing positive today:

BREAKING: Vaccinated & Boosted Barack Obama Says He Tested Positive for COVID-19

Big alert for the CA National Guard:

California Army National Guard Told to “Stand Ready” for Ukraine

I have friends in the Guard, this is something to be watching VERY carefully.

How about you?

And two updates from our good friend Mike Lindell next.

Starting with this:

UPDATE: Mike Lindell Officially “Cancelled” By His Bank, All Accounts GONE!

And then this:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Is Hunting Down Secret Voting System Report!

I think you’re gonna love this next one:

MASTER PLAN: Here’s How Trump (Legally) Ends Up With 10 Years In Office

And big news for anyone with DirecTV or anyone who wants to watch OANN….

OANN is gone from DirecTV, but whether you have DirecTV or not, can I tell you about something that can save you HUNDREDS (or more) each year?

Don’t miss this:

OANN Sues DirecTV/AT&T — Here’s How You Can Watch For Much Cheaper!

For everyone asking what MY take is on Russian and Ukraine, I put it all down right here.

I think this picture says it all:

The Truth About What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE [MSM Lying To You!]

Feel free to share.

And we end with our top story and a favorite returning guest.

Please enjoy this from Bo Polny:

Bo Polny: Four Days of Darkness and Trump 100% Returns! Here Are The Key Dates…

Last, I want to end with a Reader Poll….can I get your input on this please?

Tap here to vote.

Thank you!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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