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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/13/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

How is everyone doing?

Great I hope!

I’ve been traveling the last couple days, but I’m back home now and back in the saddle full time.

But I thought it would be fun to start off with a challenge….

Can you tell where I was from this Tweet I posted?

Seriously though, it’s just creepy right?

Shoot me a reply or leave a comment if you know where this is (and where I was).

I have to say, other than this creepy thing that looks like it came straight off Epstein Island, the whole area otherwise was really great!

Ok, now let’s jump in with our first story:

Why Did President Trump Just ReTruth This?

And then we go to a story I first broke 4 days ago, but now Candace Owens has weighed in:

Is France’s First Lady Actually a Man? Candace Owens Weighs In…

And next is Don (the) Lemon.

Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson were fired from Legacy Media that same week.

Tucker has gone on to set records and become one of the hottest names in news.


Because we care what he has to say and we want to see who he's talking to!

Don Lemon?

He's experienced a "failure to launch" his show and now he's in a tiff with Elon Musk:

Don Lemon Claims Elon Musk “Cancelled Him” After Bad Interview; Musk Responds

What a loser.

Update on our Dementia Patient in the White House:

It’s WORSE Than We Thought—Hur’s Report Reveals Insane Depth Of Biden’s Dementia

And this is really incredible...

Donald Trump at Age 34 and see for yourself how this man has been consistent for decades:

Donald Trump Asked At Age 34 If He’d Ever Run For President…

Next up is Mike Lindell heading to the Supreme Court!

We've had a lot of good outcomes over there recently....are we about to add another one?

Read this:

Mike Lindell: “The Evidence Being Presented to SCOTUS On Thursday Will Shock the World.”

Then we had this:

RFK Jr. VP Shortlist Is Turning Heads


And an update here:

President Trump Secures Appeal, Judgment Payment DELAYED

And I want to end with our top story....

I want to address everyone who emails me saying "if they stole 2020, why should I care about 2024?  Why should I even vote?"

Please listen to me....

THIS is why:

Why Even Care About 2024 If They’re Just Going To Steal It Again? THIS IS WHY–Explained

Ok, that's a wrap!

Your friend,



I've been talking a lot about Gold recently...and for good reason.

Bank runs...

Bank failures...

Debt defaults...

Government shutdowns...

Runaway inflation...

It's all bad. Really bad.

But Gold is God's Money and it's proven the test of time since the Abraham lived on the Earth back in Genesis.

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