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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/14/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Spring Break Tuesday Night Newsletter!

Most of the Country may be on Spring Break, but we’re having some of the biggest news days in recent history.

Of course that makes sense.

They love to hide the big stuff when they think no one is watching.

Let’s start tonight with a big update on the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court case update:

PART THREE: Brunson Brothers Update!

And then we go to this….

This lady has the crazy eyes and that’s all I’m gonna say:

BREAKING: Blackrock/Pfizer Behind The Chicken mRNA Vaccination Push!

Then we move to Drew Barrymore.

Drew, what are you doing?

My thoughts here:

Why Is Drew Barrymore On The Floor With A Transgender?

Have you played with ChatGPT?

I have.

And today we found the hack:

ChatGPT Hacked To Finally Say Something Nice About President Trump!

Next we got to something that is really going to rile up a lot of people.

That’s ok, I’m ready for it.

I will print the truth or at least the quest for the truth in spite of anyone who has a little freak out:

If The Earth Is Flat, Wouldn’t You Just Fall Off The Edge

Your thoughts?

Then we have a very old Glenn Beck video that suddenly makes a ton of sense amidst the bank failures:

Glenn Beck EXPOSES The Federal Reserve

And then we have this….

Which one is real?

AN INVESTIGATION: Which Joe Biden Is Real?

Or none at all?

What do you think?

Meta is laying of ANOTHER 10,000 employees.

Have you figured it out yet?

They took all the PPP money when they could get it for free cash.

But now that the money is gone and they have AI and Robots, they no longer need you….or me.

The layoffs will continue until not many are left.

These big companies no longer need tens of thousands of people.

They just need a few “managers” and robots and AI.

And the results will be catastrophic.

Have you figured it out yet?

Meta Lays Off THOUSANDS In The Wake Of SVB Collapse

And you gotta love this….

Another Far-Left, Woke Senator freaked out that the truth will be told:

Democrat Senator Who Inquired About Social Media Censorship to Deter Bank Runs Identified

I guess they’ve never heard about the First Amendment?


And we end with our top story….

This is very important and this may truly be the last time I do this.

Don’t miss out.

We are changing lives and the next life we change may just be YOU!

Details here:

Friday, March 17 Could Change Your Life [From Noah]

It all happens in 3 days.

Don’t miss out!

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Your friend,



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