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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/20/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here with your Sunday Newsletter.

I told you I was back and fired up and boy oh boy do I have a lot for you tonight!

Starting with brand new revelations on this:

The “Two Presidents” Prophecy: Joy Comes In The Spring!

Love Trey, I can’t wait for his next video which should be soon!

And how about this?

MSM won’t touch this with a 30 foot pole, but we’re all over it:

(WATCH) 2018 Documentary Exposed U.S. Bioweapons Labs in Eastern Europe

That’s why you trust WeLoveTrump and TruthLion!

And I have to say I am really impressed with Watters World:

Jesse Watters Grills Bill Barr: “Did You See What They Were Doing…Did You Say Anything?”

Nice job Jesse!

Hold this fatso’s feet to the fire!

And something about this does not smell right to me:

4 US Marines Are Killed In Norway

And then we have a Fact-Check alert!

We had to fact-check the “Fact-Checkers” and this is the result:

FACT-CHECK: Was Ukraine The Largest Donor To The Clinton Foundation For 15 Years?

You’re welcome!

You can always trust us for the real reporting, unlike well….you know who.

And since it’s Sunday I have a wonderful Gospel message to share with you from pinch-hitter Bill Finch:

Bill Finch: The Second Coming of Jesus

Great message Bill, thank you!

Special alert from Mike Lindell and MyPillow…if you’ve been waiting to grab something until it went on sale, this is your flashing alert that now is the time:

The sale will not last long and could end by the time you read this — if it does, my apologies.

And then we have this report about the Babylon Bee:

Twitter Temporarily Suspends The Babylon Bee For “Hateful Conduct” After Satirical Outlet Awards its “Man of the Year” Rachel Levine

Now ordinarily I would be up in arms about the censorship of Big Tech, but in this case I have ZERO sympathy.

I joined the Babylon Bee’s social network and thought it would be a good experience, but guess what?

These losers CENSORED me after just TWO posts!

THEY censored ME!

After two (2) posts!

So to see these assholes censored and banned from Twitter is not something I can lose too much sleep over.

In fact, I celebrate it — couldn’t happen to worse people!

Make the ban permanent!

They got a taste of their own medicine, I hope it went down nicely.

Can you tell there is no love lost between me and the Babylon Bee?

Now I know, I know….some people will tell me to be “nicer” and “gentler” but not for these asshats, sorry no dice.

And we end with our top story and something that should be front page news everywhere on planet Earth:

“Graphene Skies” — They Are Lying To You!

Absolutely stunning.

And I know there will always be a few people who refuse to see it or admit it, but….come on!

Look at these photos and watch the videos!

It’s not longer possible to stick your head in the sand.

It’s happening and it’s a crime against humanity.

Wake up — and LOOK up — and see what they are doing in the skies above you.

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Shoot me a reply with your thoughts or leave a comment, I’d love to read them!

Your friend,



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