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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/21/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with you Tuesday night First Day Of Spring Newsletter!

Got a lot to show you tonight and we’re late, so let’s go!

Was Bo Polny right again?

Last Friday all the reports said Trump would be arrested on Tuesday.

I said no way — it will be delayed until 3/22.


Because Bo said so.

What happened today?

Delay until 3/22:

Bo Polny Right AGAIN? 3/22 A Perfect Hit!

This actually starts to get pretty easy when you know what to look for.

These people are so predictable!

Related: looking back on this:

So….The “First Arrest” Will Shock The World?

Loved this:

President Trump Unveils Plan To ‘Dismantle The Deep State’

This is extremely gross….

And isn’t this still highly illegal?

Middle Schoolers Asked About Oral Sex Experiences

Prosecute these pervs!

Keep calm heads:

JUST IN: Bomb Threat Reportedly Called At Lower Manhattan Court Hearing Letitia James Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

I loved this one….

The hero we don’t deserve:

Poop Allegedly Found in Aisle Near Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Attending NYC Broadway Show

I also loved this:

State Legislature Set to Permit Execution by Firing Squad

Your thoughts?

This is very End-Times:

Israeli Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to IMPRISON Christians Sharing Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our President has spoken:

WATCH: President Trump Issues NEW STATEMENT On Stormy Daniels Case

My favorite story of the entire day is next:

Kari Lake Holding MASSIVE Worship Event TODAY!

And do you need this?

Can I save you $150 per month?

Got VuTV+? Newsmax, OANN And All Your Favorites, At A Fraction Of The Price!


Even MeetKevin is saying Bitcoin is about to explode higher:

GET READY: The Coming Explosion (Higher) of Bitcoin

The real secret is XRP….but I didn’t tell you that!

Did you see what it did today?

Oh my!

And we end with our top story.

Very fitting I think:

URGENT: Pray For President Trump!

Your friend,



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