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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/24/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here…how are you?

I hope your week has been awesome so far, and I have a killer Thursday edition of the Newsletter for you!

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Ok, now on with a huge day of news!

And we start with something no one else is covering except us…

Have you seen the symbol for Ukraine and thought it looked unusual?

Here’s what you don’t know:

So What’s Up With The Ukraine “Coat of Arms” Symbol?

And speaking of symbols, have you seen this?


WATCH What Happens When You Spin The VW Logo…

Then we move to something that might make you throw up in your mouth…

That is, if you can get through the whole thing,


CRINGE ALERT: Corey Booker Goes Insane In Unhinged “Performance” For The Pedo-Lover

Now to something awesome.

From my good friend Charlie Shamp (and trust me, when Charlie gives a word, it IS coming to pass):

Charlie Shamp: 45 IS Coming Back!

Next up is probably my favorite story of the day.

No, scratch that….it is my favorite story of the day, maybe my favorite of the year.

Here’s why:

MUST SEE: Turning The Tables On Call Center Scammers!

Next is something near and dear to my heart.


Because every single day almost without fail, I receive emails from people saying “I took the vaccine” or “I was forced to take the vaccine” or “a family member of mine took the vaccine”….and now we regret it!

What can we do?

Here’s your answer:

Here’s How To PROTECT and REBUILD Your Immune System If You Took The Poison Vaxx (Dr. Zelenko)

Dr. Zelenko is a great American and an even better doctor.

God bless you sir!

WARNING: I cannot promise how long these will remain in stock…

Based on prior experience, they may sell out soon and be out of stock for a few weeks.

But I’m giving you guys first dibs here in the Newsletter!

Then we have this:

2020 Drop Box Surveillance Video RELEASED in Wisconsin! 7% of Ballots Were Harvested, True the Vote Claims

Now confirmed folks!

We’ve been telling you for over a year!

And I don’t even know what to say about this:

AUDIO: Pelosi Reveals Her Contempt For Working-Class Americans, “I Like To Eat At 5:30, Like A PEASANT”


And an update on the OANN/DirecTV situation:

Here’s The REAL Reason OANN Is Being “Cancelled” From DirecTV

This next one is very troubling…

You may not even be able to watch it.

I totally understand.

Look, I don’t even like cats….I mean, like not at all….but even I find this extremely sick and troubling:

Sick: Philadelphia Men Purposely Release Pitbull On Cat

Please share to help police find these people and lock them up!

Their faces are in the article.

And we end with our top story:

IT’S ON: President Trump Sues Hillary, DNC for $70 Million!!

It is a very good day indeed!

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Told you it was a killer day, right?

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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