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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/27/22



Hey friends!

Noah here with your weekend wrap up…the Sunday night edition of the Newsletter!

A ton to show you tonight and I’m excited to jump in.

Before we hit the news, I want to handle one housekeeping item.

Our mission at TruthLion and WeLoveTrump has two steps: (1) research and print the truth, and then (2) SHARE the truth so more people can read it!

We already get between 4 and 6 million average readers each month, but I’d like to continue growing that so we can reach more people.

If you happen to have an audience on social media or an email list or some other group where you can share our articles (must be on the large size) please contact me and I can set you up with our new VIP program.  It’s really cool and it helps everyone, including you!

Ok, now let’s hit today’s top stories because we have a lot!

Starting with a brand new social media network, but here’s why this one is different:

Introducing Bastyon: The Uncensorable, Blockchain Social Media Network That No One “Owns”

I think that’s really cool and unlike anything else out there.

But don’t worry, I’m not leaving Telegram, or Parler or TruthSocial.

If those are your favorites, you won’t miss anything.

I just think their mission and the fact they have no owners and no centralized control is VERY interesting and could save the internet.

So I’m getting involved and I hope to see you over there!

I’m equally excited about President Trump’s TruthSocial, and if you’ve gotten in please send me a friend request.

This is my page:

You have to be on Apple iPhone and you have to get past the wait list, but when you do my handle is @WeLoveTrumpWLT.

See you there!

It is growing so fast and it’s a ton of fun over there.

It’s basically like Twitter except you can actually say what you want and post the truth and you don’t get banned!


Next up, we have two really crazy stories from Dr. Zelenko that you have to see.

Starting with this:

Dr. Zelenko Says He’s on Big Pharma’s Assassination List

Very scary.

God bless this man for all he is doing.

And here’s the second one:

Dr. Zelenko: “The Vaccinated Now Have AIDS”

Next let’s move on to another “conspiracy theory” that has now been proven true.

I need to get some new conspiracy theories because all of mine keep turning out to be real!

Chemtrails Confirmed: “Graphene Skies”

Just look at that photo!

I took that personally.

X-ing out the sun, no less.

And you want to tell me those are real?

Where is your common sense?

Where is your critical thinking?

Contrails are real, absolutely.

But they dissipate quickly and don’t spread out.

These are not contrails, not even close.

Oh, and John Brennan himself has admitted the “stratospheric aerosol injections”.

Wow, what a name.

They think you’re too dumb to figure out what that means so they call it that and announce it in plain sight.


Evil, evil stuff.

Now something lighter, more exciting…

Huge sale from Mike Lindell and I will ALWAYS take time to support this man (and to get you a big discount):🚨-twenty-five-mypillow-products-on-sale-now-ends-soon/

Since it’s Sunday, I have a great Gospel message for you.

Part 2 of a series we started last week.

Please enjoy here:

Bill Finch: The Second Coming of Jesus [Part 2]

And if any other country did this to us, wouldn’t we call it an act of war?

Just asking…

Did Biden Call for Regime Change in Russia? “For God’s Sake, This Man Cannot Remain in Power,” He Says

Meanwhile, inflation and supply troubles continue with serious problems on the horizon.

Here is one solution to protect yourself and your family:

Stu Varney: “Food Price Inflation Will Soon Accelerate” – Here’s One Way To Get Ahead Of It

Kill Gates thinks the solution is to eat “synthetic beef”.

Fuck you Bill.

Sorry, that was too hard…..

Wait, not it wasn’t.

Fuck you Bill.

You eat this garbage, we’ll stick with the animals God gave us:

Bill Gates Wants Rich Nations to Eat a 100% Synthetic Beef Diet to Battle Climate Change, “You Can Get Used to The Taste Difference”

And then we move to some friends of Kill Gates:

Trump, Putin and Our Real Enemy: The Khazarian Central Banks

This is where 99.9% of the worlds problems come from.

100%, mark it down.

The Khazars.

And we end with our top story, Jim Caviezel bravely blowing the lid off one of the deepest, darkest secrets no one wants to admit is real:

Jim Caviezel Goes Public, Exposes The TRUTH About Adrenochrome and Child Trafficking!

God bless you Jim!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

I told you we had a lot!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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