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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/27/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Hope you are all doing great!

Got a lot to show you tonight, starting with a story that has only barely begun to be unraveled:

Hollywood Actor Named In HUMAN TRAFFICKING Lawsuit

I think this thing is going to blow wide open and be something we talk about for decades to come.

I think it will take down big, powerful names, people who will shock you.

And I think we've only barely just started the beginning of this story.

More to come!

Then we had RFK Jr. making this surprise announcement:

RFK Jr. To Announce Surprising Choice For Running Mate

And it is VERY good for President Trump and Trump supporters.

Our President issued this response, and he's 100% right:

President Trump Issues Statement On RFK Jr: “I’m GLAD He’s Running!”

RFK's campaign is toast, but I hope he sticks it out and steals a good chunk of votes from Biden.

Absolutely wild stuff to show you next about the upcoming Eclipse.

I bet you don't know 90% of this....

I only say that because I didn't.

Really incredible, watch here:

The 2024 Solar Eclipse and INSANE Prophecy Events Are Coming!– Jim Staley

Next up, I have two questions....

Why is Whoopi Goldberg so angry all the time?

And why does she now have a Hedgehog hairstyle?

Whoopi Goldberg Interrupts “The View” To Scold Audience Member

Next up, I can't even believe this is happening....but it is.

And it's VERY wrong:

THIS IS WRONG: Illegal Aliens Now Receive More Benefits Than US Veterans

Then I was reflecting on this today and curious to know what you think:

Planes, Trains and Shipping Vessels — What Comes Next?

Now for something a little different...

But it's my website and my Newsletter so I get to cover the things that are interesting to me.

I am not 100% convinced on this either way, but I would love to know what you think about this:

Is The Earth YOUNG or OLD? Here’s Why It Matters…

Shoot me a reply!

And I continue to celebrate about this next one:

FDA Retreats In Its War on Ivermectin

Folks, we told you in 2020!

The FDA laughed at us....

Called us fools....

Told us we weren't horses....





And I just wonder how many lives we saved by telling the truth?

And how many lives the FDA killed by spewing their BS?

It's awful.

This was not hard to figure out....

The FDA approved Ivermectin for human use in 1996 and it won a Nobel Prize for it's incredible effectiveness AND virtually no side effects.

Imagine that!

The holy grail of medicine.

Now ask yourself why the FDA hates it so much now?

Also ask yourself why they keep spraying our skies with toxic Chemtrails:

Destructive “Chemtrails” Finally Coming to Light – Dane Wigington

When's the last time you had a truly sunny day, without CHEMTRAILS blocking out the sun?

Killing us from every direction they can.

Speaking attention to this next one:

As NY AG Letitia James Launches the Globalist War on Beef, a Survival Company CEO Fights Back

And more follow up on the Baltimore bridge:

Structural Engineer Shocked With Baltimore Bridge Collapse

In case you missed it, these are going viral too:

MUST SEE: Bridge Crash Video Sped Up To 8x Shows A Very Different Picture


FACT-CHECK: The Captain of the Baltimore Cargo Ship Is Ukrainian?

Ok, that's a wrap.

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



Do you have one of these?

In my opinion EVERYONE should have one!

Critical Medications Every American Should Have On Hand (Including Ivermectin) – And How To Get Them Prescribed



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