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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/29/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

We start with the Supreme Court and this very interesting report:

Could There Be A New Supreme Court Justice Before The 2024 Election?

There's no way they get that pushed through before the election....

Now imagine Trump replacing her!

Democrat heads will EXPLODE!

Next we go to Fox News who decided today to revive the ridiculous term "Easter Worshippers":

Fox News Continues The Anti-Christian “Easter Worshippers” Trope

Way to go Fox, you now join Hillary and Obama on the list of people calling Christians "Easter Worshippers".

How Far-Left and out of touch can you get?

Sick of this.

Also REALLY sick of this:

Nickelodeon Allegedly Hired Multiple Convicted Or Accused Child Molesters

Is this whole scandal about to break wide open?

Remember when they "debunked" Pizza Gate just by saying it was not real?

It always was real....and perhaps much, much bigger than anyone realized.

The truth is coming out!

Great info here:

Obamacare Keeps Costing All Of Us (And One Way To Avoid Paying)

And I love this next one:

Truth Social ECLIPSES The New York Times!

TRUTH always wins out!

Next, anyone else find this just the least bit odd?

Ship That Crashed Into Baltimore Bridge MISSING TWO MINUTES of Black Box Data

I say kick them out and keep them out:

Will NBC Lose Access At RNC Convention?

And we end with our top story....

It's something I've been wanting to cover for a while now, finally had to do it today.

My thoughts may surprise some of you:

Do You Know The Origin Of “Easter” and The Eggs and Bunny?

Love to know what YOU think after you read that one...

Shoot me a reply.

And have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



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