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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/31/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

Happy Easter Sunday!

Or Happy Resurrection Sunday!

We accept both terms here.

And since it’s not only Sunday but Resurrection Sunday, I bring you this great Easter message first tonight:

Easter Sunday: He Is Risen!

I also want to spotlight a great company honoring not just Easter but Jesus:

Bravo Scheels! Proudly Celebrating Easter and JESUS!

That's how you do it!

Let's send them a ton of business, ok?

Meanwhile, the Democrats want you to know it is "Transgender Visibility Day" and while that's of course absurd and sacrilegious on so many levels, I thought I would play along for just a minute:

On “Transgender Visibility Day” A Special Message From Joan Rivers

Hey, they said that's what they wanted so there you get visibility!

Next up, this does not look good:

WATCH: British Royal Makes Most Notable High-Profile Appearance Since Life-Threatening Diagnosis

Do you care about the "Royals"?

This next one is a little off the beaten path but fascinating:

WATCH: An Entire Town Deep Inside A Cave? Meet The World’s Last ‘Cave People’

And some great info for anyone who conceal carries:

Watch This Short UNBIASED Video Comparing the Top 4 Self-Defense Calibers and See If YOU End Up Changing Handguns

Bad news out today for any AT&T customers....

All the details here:

AT&T Reveals Staggering Number Of Customers Affected By Data Hack, Are YOU A Victim?

And I keep telling you, it's going to end SO badly for Fani....

The legal process WILL play out and justice will be served.

Keep watching:

ROUND 2: President Trump And His Allies Take IMMEDIATE Action Against Willis!

Just like this....

They had NO IDEA it was all being tracked:

Epstein Island Visitors TRACKED By Military-Industrial Wireless Firm, Only A Matter Of Time Before They’re EXPOSED?

And we end with our top story:

Benjamin Netanyahu To Undergo Emergency Surgery, Deputy PM Will Assume Command

Something big is coming soon folks, I can feel it.

Stay on your guard....

Stay on watch....

Stay vigilant.

And we'll keep you advised of all details as this crazy year continues to unfold.

Your friend,



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