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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/13/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Big day!

And I have to tell you I just wrapped up a new interview with Dr. Jen VanDeWater from The Wellness Company and you’re going to love it!

I will have the full report for you tomorrow.

So many people are going to be helped by this, I am so pumped!

Ok, to be continued tomorrow….stay tuned!

Tonight we start with the top story of the day:


I have to say one thing….

I’m not buying this for one second.

You really expect me to believe some 21 year old Air Force National Guard guy has access to our deepest military secrets?

Sorry but I call BS.

I asked a friend of mine in the National Guard and he said there is NO WAY.

We reported on the story but I am here to tell you there is no way the official narrative is true.

Then we go to a real creep:

WARNING: Have You Heard About Bill Gates’ New Company “Apeel”?

Wow, what is wrong with this guy?

Why cant he leave our food alone?

Bill….let me break it down for you in terms you will understand.

Windows sucks.

Your products always suck.

They are full of viruses.

They are overpriced.

Why in the world should we trust you to start altering our FOOD if you can’t master something as simple as computer software?

Enough said.

Love this next one from Donald Trump:

Donald Trump Announces Plan to Tackle Weaponization of Justice System

This next one is getting VERY strange….

So it wasn’t a random stabbing.

They knew each other:

JUST IN: Arrest Made in Cash App Founder’s Murder

And I hate seeing this:

Actor Jamie Foxx Suffers Medical Emergency

I’m not saying anything, but was it the poison vaxx?

I sure hope not.


Sen. Feinstein Steps Down from Senate Judiciary Committee Seat After DEMOCRATS Call for Her to Resign

Next up, Bitch McConnell needs to go!

I’d like to blame that on Autocorrect, but to be honest I override the autocorrect 3 times just to get it to say what I wanted.

Bitch McConnell looks like a turtle.


We clear?

And speaking of creeps:

If You Don’t Want To “Eat Ze Bugs”, Read This!

And we end with absolutely our top story:

Former White House Stenographer: “Joe Biden is a Criminal,” Says His Evidence Would Lead to Biden’s Imprisonment or Impeachment

Got a lot coming to you tomorrow….

I’ll see you then!

Your friend,



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