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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/14/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

We start with this….this guy is awesome!!

HILARIOUS! WATCH: UFC Fighter Offers Sound Advice After Victory

Smarter than all Democrats in office!

Smarter than all Democrats period!

And you gotta love this too:

Latest New York Times Poll Reveals How Readers TRULY Feel About President Trump!

Next up, if you think the whole Iran/Israel thing is over, think again.

I wish it was, but it's not.

I told you that back in October when we had the October 7th strike.  I was right then and I'm right now.  Things are not de-escalating, they are ramping up.

Here's what's next:

UPDATE: Next Steps In Growing Conflict Revealed By Biden And Israel

I'll also be writing a couple big reports tomorrow bringing you more information on next steps.

Interesting to see this from RFK:

RFK Makes Ballot Announcement, Rules Out Political Party

And this should be front-page news everywhere:

3 Years Later: National Guard Whistleblowers To Expose Truth on Jan 6 Hearing Next Week

This guy is sick:

Hairy CA Mayor, Who Thinks He’s a Woman, Faces Recall

And we end with our top story....

Not my words, just reporting:

“Very Disheveled” Clint Eastwood Makes Surprise Appearance At Age 93

I love Clint!

And I think he's looking GREAT at age 93!

Check back with me when you're 93 and we'll see how you look!

Your friend,



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