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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/16/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

I am loaded up tonight, so much to show you it’s one of those days where I have several bonus articles and that’s just the way it has to be!

Hope you don’t mind if I over-deliver….

Starting right here:

UPDATE On Justice Clarence Thomas

So great to see that, I know many of you (many of US!) were very worried.

Next I have several legal updates.

First, this one:

HAPPENING NOW: SCOTUS Hearing Could Completely DISMANTLE Jack Smith’s Entire Case

More info here:

Supreme Court Indicates It May Strike Down Use Of Obscure Law Used To Target J6ers

And I love this:

AUDIO: Neil Gorsuch BLASTS DOJ’s Case Against J6 Protesters, Targets Biden DOJ

More fireworks as President Trump is in court physically again:

Judge In Trump Case LASHES OUT: “I WON’T Tolerate That”

They keep pushing for jail time and I would love nothing more....

That would secure a 50-state landslide victory in Noveber.


Manhattan DA Files CONTEMPT Motion Against President Trump, Wants JAIL Time!

Meanwhile, things continue to go badly for Fani in Georgia:

Fani Willis’ Office EXPOSED As “High Risk” In Audit Report

Next we shift to the financial markets:

Attorneys General From 12 States Band Together To Stop Bank of America From Debanking Conservatives!

And I keep telling you about Gold....

Here's the latest:

Peter Schiff: “Gold is going to $10-20,000 an ounce!”

Let me just say one thing....please don't want until it's too late!

I've lived through this before, people who think they have more time to prepare, more time to get ready.

Then after disaster strikes they email me in tears saying they never took action.

Please don't let that be you.

Or your family.

Speaking of families and tough times, I thought this was SO spot on:

Introducing “Bidenvilles”…The Only Housing You Can Afford!

Closely related:

BIDENOMICS: Six Stats The Biden Regime Does NOT Want You To See!

Then we have John Mellencamp who I learned today is no longer John "Cougar" Mellencamp....

John was going viral on Twitter but some of the reasons why were false.

So I ran a fact-check and as usual you can trust me to bring you the TRUTH:

John Mellencamp Gets Booed and Storms Off Stage

This continues to be the most bizarre website on the entire Internet:

New Update To Ingersoll Lockwood

Looks like Speaker Mike Johnson may truly be removed soon.

I say good riddance if you ask me:

New Motion Filed To OUST Speaker Mike Johnson — “I Am Not Resigning!”

Next up, read this article to see why I even am covering this:

Brittney Griner and Wife Expecting Their First Child

And then let me know your thoughts please....

We end with our top story and I have no idea how I ever missed this.

Have you seen this?

OJ Simpson’s Confession


Have a great rest of your evening!

See you back here tomorrow.

(And speaking of Gold, keep reading to see how you can actually get a lot of it for no money out of pocket)

Your friend,



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