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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/26/22



Hey friends!

Noah here, how are you?

Happy Tuesday!

A lot of awesome stuff to show you tonight, and let’s start with this:

Leaked Audio From Twitter Internal Meeting: Head Attorney Reportedly Breaks Down Crying…

Oh the irony and the beauty of that!

Poor babies need their “safe spaces”!  LOL!

But perhaps it runs deeper…

Perhaps they know they ran highly illegal operations that influenced the outcomes of elections, and perhaps they know Elon now owns all of it….literally owns ALL of the evidence.

And they’re freaking out.

I explain more here:

Here’s How Twitter Manipulated Elections (It’s Way Worse Than Just Shadow Banning)

Next up is something I think you’re really going to enjoy:

BRAND NEW Genius Pieces To The Plan Of Trump’s Reinstatement (Before 2024)!

And again today we have a major CEO warning of a coming food shortage that will be absolutely CRUSHING and leave many in distress…

Read the warning here and then I have the answer for how you can safeguard your family:🚨/

I love this next one…

Folks, you are watching the single biggest sting operation play out before your very eyes, and many in the Media will go to prison for being known accomplices in it:

BUSTED: Durham Has Hundreds Of Emails Between Fusion GPS And The Press

Trump responded today about Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

President Trump Responds To Musk Twitter Takeover

Trump does not seem likely to return to the Platform even if he is reinstated, but I am curious what you think he should do…

Please add your vote here… 👇

NATIONAL POLL: Should Trump Go Back to Twitter or Stay on Truth Social?

I’ll give you the results tomorrow night.

Post that your social media too so we can get a large sample size.

Sad news here to report next:

(WATCH) Kirk Herbstreit Will Not be Part of NFL Draft Coverage, Says Doctors Found Blood Clot

They are dropping like flies…

And we end with something truly horrific….





Details here:

(WATCH) Megan Fox Confirms She and Machine Gun Kelly ‘Consume Each Other’s Blood for Ritual Purposes’

These people are so proud of their anti-God behavior and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

Stop worshipping these people…

Stop going to their movies…

Stop idolizing them…

Stop thinking they are better than you.

They’re not.

They’re sick, evil, twisted filth that you should have nothing to do with.

“Drinking blood for rituals”?

Does it get worse than that?


Ok, that’s a wrap.

Your friend,



Something brand new just landed today…ain’t this a beauty?

Here’s the only catch: we didn’t get many in the first order, so it’s first-come, first-served.

Grab one here while they last:


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