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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/29/22



Hey friends!

Noah here and happy Friday to you!

I’m ready for the weekend, mainly because that’s when they dump all the big news…

And you’d better believe we’re watching for it!

Now let’s talk about what they tried to dump on a Friday afternoon.

We start with Madison Cawthorn under serious attack yet again:

Republican Madison Cawthorn Under Investigation For Crypto Insider Trading Accusations

This fits in directly with what Robin Bullock prophesied several months ago.

Once again, he was “ahead of the news”:

BIG UPDATE On The Robin Bullock Madison Cawthorn Prophecy

Then we have news out today that the F-B-I has been illegally and unconstitutionally spying on millions of Americans, and growing each year.

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves:

The FBI Could Have Been Spying On You, Here’s How

And if you were looking for Trump’s Rally tonight, it’s off.

Here’s why:

ATTENTION: Trump Cancels Rally In Nebraska Tonight, Here’s Why

And then we have this beauty…

Come on, you gotta love Elon Musk if only for this alone:

Elon Musk Hilariously Trolls AOC Following Her Passive Aggressive Meltdown on Twitter

And then we have this next one which is just….I don’t even know…..

Say what now?

American Academy of Pediatrics “Puberty Guide” Teaches Children Girls Can Get Erections and Boys Experience Menstrual Cycles

Next is a warning…

Ever since Elon bought Twitter, fake accounts have been popping up all over the place claiming to be famous people coming back to Twitter.

Most are fraud accounts.

Here’s how to tell:

WATCH OUT For Fake Conservative Accounts On Twitter


Near, Far, Whereeeeeeeeeeever You Jab Me…..

Oh Celine, say it ain’t so:

Celine Dion Postpones European Tour Due to Health Concerns, ‘I’m Still Experiencing Some Spasms’

Then we have an urgent call to action from President Trump’s attorney about the J6 Prisoners.

This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, so I urge everyone to help if you can.

Then we have the new head of the Ministry of Truth…

This broad is really something:

Meet the Head of Biden’s New Disinformation Governance Board

And not something good!

She’s Cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs!

Got the crazy eyes like most libs.

And we end with something I was not aware of until today:

Was Trump Referring To The Covfefe Act In His New Message?

Wow, I had no idea!

It’s true, look it up!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Something brand new just landed today…ain’t this a beauty?

Here’s the only catch: we didn’t get many in the first order, so it’s first-come, first-served.

Grab one here while they last:


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